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How Do Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) Differ From Switchgear?

What Are the Differences Between Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) & Switchgear? Maintaining an uninterrupted power supply is paramount to maintaining smooth operations in commercial and
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What Makes a Good Control Panel?

Find the Best Control Panel for Your Business With Salient At Salient, our decades of experience aren’t the only thing that makes our OEM custom
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Types of Automatic Transfer Switches

With a Variety of Transfer Switch Options, How Can You Pick the Right One? When you want the surety and dependability of a generator and
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Soft Starters vs. Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

When an electric motor first starts, it takes large amounts of energy to overcome the weight of the motor and any residual magnetism, as well
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Buyer’s Guide to Manual Transfer Switches

When you run a business, one of your central roles is to ensure the lights stay on when the electricity doesn’t. Whether you’re facing issues
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Buyer’s Guide to Automatic Transfer Switches

Find the Best Automatic Transfer Switch With Salient Many businesses and organizations require stable, uninterrupted electrical power during outages, whether to keep food cold in
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Buyer’s Guide to Generator Tap Boxes

Commercial facilities like grocery stores, gas stations, utility providers, data centers, and hospitals need a reliable backup power source in case of outages. A generator
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What Is Generator Load Bank Testing?

In facilities like hospitals, data centers, manufacturing facilities, energy providers, food production facilities, and food storage facilities, the need for reliable, constant power makes equipment
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How Does a Fused Disconnect Switch Differ from a Circuit Breaker?

When an electrical circuit carries more current than it was designed to handle, significant problems can occur. Sensitive equipment like electronics, lighting, or motors can
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How to Connect Generators Quickly & Safely to a Tap Box During Outages

Though some businesses require the full-time protection that a standby generator provides, others can withstand short power outages without significant consequences. But for longer outages,
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Guide to Transfer Switches For Your Generator

When the power goes out, a standby generator allows your business to keep critical systems running so that you can avoid downtime and losses. A
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Which Type of Transfer Switch is Best for Me?

Transfer switches safely switch power from the utility grid to the generator and back, without energizing the utility lines that workers may be repairing. For
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