Salient Power Solutions and PSI Power & Controls have merged and rebranded under the Salient name.


Streamlining Rail Operations with Advanced Control Solutions

Rail Solutions: Enhancing Safety and Efficiency on the Tracks

The rail industry plays a crucial role in transportation, both for passengers and freight, requiring the highest standards of safety, reliability, and efficiency. Salient’s Automation & Control Solutions (ACS) are at the forefront of meeting these demands, providing sophisticated control panels that serve as the central interface for train operators and traffic controllers. Our solutions are designed to enhance the monitoring and control of critical rail functions, including signaling, track switching, and communication systems, ensuring seamless and safe rail operations.

Automation & Control Solutions (ACS): The Heart of Rail Operations

Salient’s control panels are engineered to integrate seamlessly with existing rail infrastructure, providing operators and controllers with real-time data and control capabilities. These systems are critical for:

Why Salient for Rail Infrastructure?

Drive Rail Innovation with Salient

Equip your rail operations with Salient’s Automation & Control Solutions to enhance safety, efficiency, and reliability on the tracks. Our advanced control panels provide the critical interface needed for precise operation and management of rail functions, setting new standards for operational excellence in the rail industry. Contact Salient today to explore how our solutions can transform your rail operations and contribute to a safer, more efficient transportation future.


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