Salient Power Solutions and PSI Power & Controls have merged and rebranded under the Salient name.


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Dive into the Salient Resource Center, a comprehensive repository designed to empower you with knowledge and insights into the world of emergency power and automation control solutions. Whether you’re seeking in-depth articles on the latest industry trends, answers to your most pressing questions, detailed literature on our products and services, or guidance through the intricate NEC Guidelines, you’ve come to the right place. Our Resource Center is tailored to provide valuable information to both newcomers and seasoned professionals alike. Explore our blog for the latest thought leadership, peruse our FAQs for quick answers, delve into our literature for detailed product and service information, or navigate the NEC Guidelines to ensure compliance and safety. At Salient, we’re committed to not just meeting your expectations but exceeding them, offering resources that inform, educate, and inspire.

NEC Guidelines

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