Salient Power Solutions and PSI Power & Controls have merged and rebranded under the Salient name.

Distribution, Manufacturing & Warehousing

Ensuring Operational Integrity in Fast-Paced Environments

Distribution, Manufacturing, and Warehousing Solutions: Powering Operations

The sectors of distribution, manufacturing, and warehousing are the backbone of the global supply chain, characterized by their high-paced and continuous operations. These industries demand reliable power and efficient control systems to maintain productivity, manage inventory, and ensure timely delivery of goods. Salient is dedicated to supporting these critical operations with Emergency Power Products (EPP) and Automation and Control Solutions (ACS) that guarantee uninterrupted power supply and optimal control of facility operations.

Emergency Power Products (EPP): Seamless Power for Uninterrupted Production

In distribution centers, manufacturing plants, and warehouses, every second of downtime translates to lost productivity and potential revenue. Salient’s EPP solutions are engineered to manage electrical power distribution efficiently, ensuring seamless power transfer from the main grid to backup generators. This capability is crucial for maintaining continuous operations, especially during unforeseen power disruptions. Our emergency power systems ensure that your facility’s critical functions, from assembly lines to automated sorting systems, remain operational, safeguarding your productivity and operational integrity.

Automation and Control Solutions (ACS): Streamlined Operations for Peak Efficiency

Salient’s ACS offerings are at the heart of optimizing operations within distribution, manufacturing, and warehousing facilities. Our control panels serve as centralized systems to manage and monitor various processes, including machinery operation and HVAC units, enhancing operational efficiency and safety. The integration of Salient’s control solutions ensures precise control over production processes and environmental conditions, leading to improved product quality, reduced waste, and a safer working environment for employees.

Why Choose Salient for Your Facility?

Power Your Facility with Salient

Elevate your distribution, manufacturing, or warehousing operations with Salient’s emergency power products and automation and control solutions. Ensure your operations are uninterrupted, your processes are efficient, and your facility remains at the forefront of industry standards. Contact Salient today to explore how our tailored solutions can transform your operational capabilities and drive your business forward.


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