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What Makes a Good Control Panel?


At PSI Power & Controls,  our decades of experience isn’t the only thing that makes our control panels the best; it’s also because we make sure to pay attention to every detail of the design and construction. From the final design to the fabrication process, we make sure that every aspect of the panel is designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Key Aspects of a Good Control Panel

A solid layout is the first sign of an exemplary control panel. It’s the foundation that makes it possible to service, maintain, and upgrade the system as needed. If the layout is terrible, the control panel will not provide the features, functionality, and reliability you desire.

Poor panel sizing will also limit your control panel’s functionality. Ideally, each component should have plenty of space for expansion and efficient heat dissipation. This helps protect systems from damage and allows you to remove and replace components as they wear out or your needs evolve.

An important element of layout is component placement. It’s essential to create component groups so that there is a clear logic to their placement. The more logical the positioning, the easier it is to ensure that power is properly distributed from the breakers, fuses, and terminals. In turn, this ensures that each component will function effectively.

Labeling is also vital. If the labels are garbled, jumbled, and unclear, servicing the control panel will be a nightmare. To avoid this problem, our technicians ensure that labels are applied in easily visible locations. We also use clear language to prevent any miscommunication or potentially critical error during servicing.

It is also necessary to consider UL listing. We make sure that every panel we build complies with the most rigorous UL standards. This gives our client’s an advantage because as the standards evolve, their control panel will usually remain compliant with the updated standards.

And wireway must not be overlooked. The positioning of the wires should be as neat and tidy as possible. The tidier, the better. This makes it simple to identify the path and ensures that new wires’ addition doesn’t become a confusing jumble of indecipherable spaghetti.

PSI Power & Controls is Ready to Deliver For Your Business

At PSI Power & Controls, we don’t compete with other companies; we set the standards our competitors strive to achieve. We strive to improve upon every control panel we design and build. We incorporate lessons learned and strategies that ensure each panel is better than the last.

Our teams work closely with your company to deliver a product that provides superior performance and reliability. We understand the critical role control panels perform and strive to create products that will operate under even the most demanding and challenging conditions. In fact, you will see our control panels used within restaurants, data centers, manufacturing facilities, and more.

We encourage you to contact PSI Power & Controls at (704) 594-4107 to learn more about the control panels we offer and to start the process of building a customized control panel for your business. We are happy to answer your questions and use our expertise to advance your business goals.

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