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Buyer’s Guide to Generator Tap Boxes

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Generator Tap Boxes
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Commercial facilities like grocery stores, gas stations, utility providers, data centers, and hospitals need a reliable backup power source in case of outages. A generator tap box can make it fast, easy, and safe to connect generators to the electrical systems of these facilities for backup power during outages or for testing and maintenance of a primary generator.

Available in multiple configurations, generator tap boxes can go beyond serving as a simple connection point for a generator, acting as a manual transfer switch, a three-way transfer switch, or even a simple load center.

At PSI Power & Controls, we provide generator tap boxes, generator docking stations, and manual transfer switches in a variety of current capacities and configurations. Our experts can help you find the best generator tap box for you and your business’s needs, and we offer full engineering support and 12-month warranties for all our products.

Our company serves commercial and industrial facilities throughout the United States, and we feature a full line of emergency power solutions for your business.

What Is a Generator Tap Box?

Generator tap boxes are enclosures that are typically hardwired to the main circuit panel in your commercial building. They provide a set of connectors or multiple sets to connect to a portable generator, standby generator, load bank, or a combination of these items.

They may also feature breakers to shut the input circuit off or switch between power sources, as well as outputs to power external equipment like lighting, pumps, or motors.

When the power goes out, generator tap boxes make it easy, quick, and safe to connect to an external generator using Cam-Lok® cables or similar cabling systems, which are color-coded to represent the three power phases, neutral, and ground.

Choosing the Best Generator Tap Box for You & Your Business

Generator tap boxes are available in multiple configurations and amperage capacities, so you can match your tap box to your application and equipment requirements. Some factors you’ll have to consider when selecting the best generator tap box for you and your business include:

  • Voltage: Commercial facilities operate on various voltages, including 208/240 volts, 480 volts, or 575/600 volts. Some businesses need only split or single-phase power, while others require three-phase power. Make sure your tap box can support the voltages your facility requires.
  • Amperage: Each circuit and device has a current rating in amps, and your tap box must meet or exceed the rating of all the connected devices with a generous margin for future expansion.
  • Wattage: Generators are often rated in watts or kilowatts, so to match your tap box to your generator output, you must know the wattage and amperage of all the connected devices. Wattage can be estimated by multiplying the amperage of a device by the voltage of the circuit.
  • Devices to be connected: A simple tap box is the best choice if you only need to connect a generator. A dual-purpose two-way tap box will be needed to connect a generator and a load bank. A three-way tap box will be needed to connect a primary generator, a portable generator, and a load bank.
  • Protection devices: Some generator tap boxes offer circuit protection such as current-limiting breakers, ground fault protection, transfer switches, phase reversal indicators, or under-voltage protection, depending on the application it’s used for.

Generator Tap Boxes from PSI Power & Controls

At PSI Power & Controls, we offer a wide range of generator tap boxes organized by application:

Alternate Power or Load Bank Tap Boxes

Designed to connect a single generator or a load bank to power external equipment, these tap boxes typically feature a single set of Cam-Lok or lug-to-lug power connectors and are rated from 200 to 4000 amps:

Dual-Purpose Generator Tap Boxes

Designed to connect a generator and a load bank simultaneously, these dual-purpose tap boxes or docking stations are rated from 200 to 4000 amps and feature either lug-to-lug or Cam-Lok connectors with optional switches or breakers for circuit control:

Three-Way Breaker Manual Transfer Switches

These three-way manual transfer switches are rated from 200 to 800 amps and allow the user to manually switch between a permanent generator and a temporary generator while powering a load bank:

Manual Transfer Switches

These manual transfer switches are rated from 30 to 4,000 amps and allow the user to switch between grid power and a generator:

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Keep your business running smoothly during power outages and emergencies with safe, easy-to-use generator tap boxes from PSI Power & Controls. We have served industrial and commercial facilities nationwide since 1961, and we offer competitive pricing, on-time delivery, 12-month product warranties, and full engineering support.

Choose PSI Power & Controls for help finding the perfect generator tap box for your business and top-quality products and services.

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