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Buyer’s Guide to Automatic Transfer Switches

Transfer Switches

Eaton automatic transfer switchMany businesses and organizations require stable, uninterrupted electrical power during outages, whether to keep food cold in a grocery store, servers running in a data center, or life-saving equipment operating in a hospital or clinic.

An automatic transfer switch is a key part of many backup power strategies, in conjunction with a standby generator. This combination allows power to be switched from the utility grid to the generator with minimal interruption to critical circuits.

At PSI Power & Controls, we can help your commercial or industrial facility keep key circuits powered during utility outages and emergencies. We’re a leading provider of heavy-duty transfer switches, generator tap boxes, generator docking stations, and other emergency power solutions.

Our experts can recommend the best automatic transfer switch for you and your business’s needs. We serve commercial and industrial facilities throughout the United States.

Things To Consider When Choosing an Automatic Switch

Automatic transfer switches are permanently installed in your facility, connecting to your most important circuits and your standby generator. When the switch senses a disruption in utility power, it can start the generator and automatically transfer the loads from the utility grid to the generator.

This can happen almost instantly, minimizing interruptions to critical equipment. When you’re considering an automatic transfer switch for your facility, there are several factors to consider:

Total Amperage

Amperage is a measurement of electrical current. Every circuit in your building is rated to handle a certain number of amps, and if you go above that, a breaker will trip to prevent the wiring from overheating and starting a fire. Transfer switches also have a current rating, reflecting the total amperage of all the circuits they will be switching.

Once you’ve identified the circuits you need to power during an outage, add up the current requirements of all the devices on those circuits, and choose a transfer switch that exceeds that rating while offering a significant margin for future growth.

At PSI Power & Controls, we offer automatic transfer switches rated from 200 to 5,000 amps of current.


The circuits in commercial or industrial buildings can operate at various voltages, including 208/240 volts, 480 volts, and 575/600 volts. Make sure your transfer switch supports the voltages of your circuits and your equipment. At PSI Power & Controls, all our automatic transfer switches feature multi-tap transformers that support 208/240 volts, 480 volts, and 575/600 volts.


Watts are a measure of power. In electrical circuits, wattage is found by multiplying the circuit voltage times the amperage for the device. Many generators are rated in watts or kilowatts, so if you’re trying to match the generator output to the current limits of your transfer switch, it’s important to know the total amperage and the total wattage of the loads you’ll be powering.

Automatic Transfer Switches from PSI

At PSI Power & Controls, we offer three automatic transfer switches for commercial and industrial facilities, each available in a range of amperage ratings. Our products include:

Eaton automatic transfer switch

Request a Quote for a Transfer Switch Today

Get the best automatic transfer switch for you and your business by talking to our experts at PSI Power & Controls today. We have the experience to help with all your emergency power needs, and our innovative products can help keep your most critical equipment running when it counts.

Our company has served businesses throughout the country since 1961. We feature competitive pricing, on-time delivery, 12-month product warranties, and engineering support for all our products.

Call (704) 594-4107 today or contact us online to request a quote for a new automatic transfer switch for your business.

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