Industries We Serve

PSI Control Solutions provides a wide range of pre- and custom-fabricated products aimed at solving the emergency power and safety needs of clients. From manufacturing and engineering, to retail and customer service, you’ll find that our offerings are well suited to staying productive, in control, and safe in your business.

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Manufacturing &  Industrial Businesses

The needs of an industrial or manufacturing facility can be exceptionally diverse, ranging from simple disconnects to custom panel fabrication and high demand tap box and ATS configurations. PSI Control Solutions specializes in a wide range of products applicable in all facility types and sizes, and with our diverse product offerings, there is a product ideal for each and every business’s needs. Whether your business is in pharmaceuticals, welding and fabrication, shipyards, or even water, you can rest easy knowing your business is supported by durable, dependable, and top-notch PSI products.

Medical Care Facilities

Access to power in any medical facility, be it emergency services or a hometown clinic, can mean the difference between being able to help patients and falling short of their needs. PSI Control Solutions offers easily configured and maintained emergency power integration including automatic transfer switches and tap boxes to predetermine and immediately power vital systems within your business, reducing risks to health and critical equipment.

Data Centers

A loss of power in your data center can mean lost resources and potentially catastrophic damage to important systems and tools. With offerings from PSI Control Solutions, your data center’s heating and cooling systems, as well as the data center as a whole, can be supported by auxiliary power that can be accessed swiftly by a manual switch or automatically within a fraction of a second with the aid of an automatic switch operation.

Entertainment & Hospitality

Interruptions due to power loss will not only put your show or venue in jeopardy, but can also create safety risks when the lights go out. PSI Control Solutions offers products that focus on keeping the lights on and the show going, and with our custom products like company switches, power distribution for your specialized tools and equipment has never been simpler or safer. Additionally, our panels can be fitted for molded case circuit breakers or fused disconnects as demanded by your systems.

Retail & Grocery

Keeping patrons safe and your supplies in a controlled environment are the two most critical aspects of your business, whether you’re a local grocer or a major corporation. PSI Control Solutions offers auxiliary power systems and transfer switch products that enable a swift, safe source of emergency power connection ideal for use in both emergency situations and in routine equipment testing and maintenance.


Quality, dependability, and strength are all highly important in a military application. You expect these qualities from personnel, and you expect them from your equipment, too. PSI Control Solutions offers integrated power systems, safety disconnects, and universal Cam-Lok® cables suitable for use both in established locations and in the field, and our products are supported by simple configurations that can mold to any need, whether those needs change on a dime or remain the same at all times.

Custom Panels from PSI Control Solutions

Need something specific to meet your power distribution and monitoring needs? PSI Control Solutions offers OEM control panels and custom industrial control panels suitable for any industrial or commercial application. Our manufacturing locations have certifications for UL508A / cUL 508A and are ISO 9001 certified. Our engineers can fabricate your panels in accordance with a schematic, or they can design panels from a preliminary concept in order to fulfill your custom panel requirements.

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