Generator Tap Boxes

Generator tap boxes provide a safe and efficient means of connecting a commercial or industrial business with a portable or auxiliary power source in the event of an outage or electrical complication, or during routine mechanical maintenance. A generator quick connect tap box is most frequently situated on the exterior of a building, wall- or floor-mounted, and used in conjunction with either a manual or automatic transfer switch as the business’s needs dictate.

In the market to choose a generator tap box? Our tap box products are available fitted with either NEMA 3R or NEMA 3RSS enclosures suitable for outdoor or indoor use. The enclosure is effective at mitigating dirt and airborne solids, as well as the ingress of water produced by standard precipitation, and it helps to reduce risks of contact with components for personnel.

Generator connection panel tap boxes from PSI Control Solutions come in ampacity ranges of 400-4,000 and are an ideal choice for retail stores, banks, small businesses, office buildings, hospitals, stadiums, educational facilities, manufacturing, and more.

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Generator Tap Box Specifications

PSI Control Solutions offers a wide range of tap box types featuring customizable ampacity ranges, wire and pole typings, and mountings in order to meet all of our clients’ needs. Available specifications include:

  • Ampacity ranges from 400-4000
  • Voltages (575/600), (480), and (208/240)
  • 3 or 4 wires
  • Cam-Lok® receptacles come in male or female configurations as needed
  • Enclosures NEMA 3R stainless steel or NEMA 3RSS stainless steel available
  • Assembly can be labeled UL508A if required

Additional features including short circuit protection, phase rotation protection, Cam-Lock snap covers, crimp lugs, and special enclosure colorations are all available upon request—contact us for details.

Benefits of Equipping Your Business with a Generator Docking Station

Choosing to install a generator connection box for your business is an ideal way to deal with a variety of potential issues and planned maintenance situations. Using a tap box, as opposed to manual connection, offers your business:

  • A faster means of connecting to supplementary power. Once established, a tap box can be used within a matter of seconds—even less than a second with an automatic transfer switch configuration.
  • Far safer means of getting emergency power. Manually connecting to a portable generator is slower, and introduces far more hazards to personnel.
  • A less limited means of gaining auxiliary power. When a tap box is installed it will be assigned designated circuits to power, allowing your business the ability to power multiple setups all at once.

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Generator Tap Box: Product Usage

When used in combination with a manual or automatic transfer switch, a business can be reasonably prepared for the majority of complications or risks commonly involved with a sudden or unplanned outage. Tap boxes wired and connected with a manual transfer switch or ATS are suitable for supplying power to lights, emergency systems and PAs, heating and cooling, and refrigeration systems, as well as for use during routine mechanical maintenance and upkeep.

Our auxilliary power tap box products can all be ordered with additional accessories including testing kits, additional Cam-Lok® cables, mounting hardware, and ideal supplementary and complementary products (such as manual or automatic transfer switches).

If you require a customized product, have questions, or need additional assistance, contact us online now.

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