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Old Title – Generator Docking Station With Main Breaker


Salient’s Enclosed Generator Tap Boxes Are cETLus Listed to UL Standard 1008 & CSA C22.2 #178.1

Our enclosed generator docking station with main breaker has all the benefits of a generator docking station with the added benefit of a molded case main circuit breaker to provide short circuit protection. Built with a NEMA 3R enclosure, the breaker is cabled to CAM Lock receptacles with 4/0 AWG DLO cable, and the bottom door is interlocked with the main door.

This feature allows access to the CAM Lock receptacles only when the main door has been unlocked and opened. There is also a rotary disconnect mounted on a dead front door behind the main enclosure door to turn the breaker on or off. This combination comes with three Phase LED Pilot Lights L3-L1 L2-L3 L1-L2 with fuse protection installed. Neutral and ground bars installed as standard.

The circuit breakers are rated for:

Amps    208240 Volts    480 Volts    575600 Volts

200        100kAIC                  65kAIC         25kAIC

400       100kAIC                  65kAIC         35kAIC

600       100kAIC                  65kAIC         35kAIC

800      100kAIC                   65kAIC         35kAIC

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The generator docking station with included main breaker offered by Salient offers a commercial business fast and safe means of connecting with auxiliary emergency power sources efficiently.

With the docking station installed, all that’s needed is to connect the portable generator by means of Cam-Lok® cables and power the generator to enable swift access to emergency power suitable for powering limited ranges of circuitry and equipment.

The docking station comes in amperage ranges from 200–800 (200, 400, 600, 800) as per the client’s specific needs. Each product is cabled at the main breaker via 4/0 AWG DLO cable, and connection receptacles can be customized to match either male connecti on or female connection configurations.

All docking station products come fitted with rotary-style disconnects for quick connection break in the event of an emergency, or to satisfy mechanical maintenance.

The docking station comes protected by way of a NEMA 3R enclosure suitable for outdoor or indoor mounting. The enclosure offers proof against common dirt and debris; water ingress from rain, snow, and hail; and impact resistance, as well as a degree of protection for personnel working near the docking station and connected generator.

Our generator docking station with the main breaker is ideal for a wide range of commercial and industrial businesses, including warehouses, performance halls, food service and hospitality, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, gas stations and fuel storage centers, and more.

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Product Usage

Docking stations are an ideal and cost-efficient means of providing a commercial business with a no-mess and highly safe means of connecting to portable generators and other temporary power sources. In the event of an outage, the generator or load bank can be connected via installed Cam-Lok cables and engaged.

The docking station is wired to predetermined circuits to prepare for an outage or emergency situation, or for use during common maintenance and repairs. Powered appliances or circuits commonly include HVAC, emergency and standard lighting, refrigeration equipment, PA and communications systems, computers and data banks, and similar systems.

This saves time and offers swift emergency power, and also drastically minimizes the risks of connecting a portable generator directly to circuits or without predetermined connections.

Docking stations paired with a main breaker are ideal for businesses with a strict budget regarding emergency power, or for businesses with simplistic emergency electrical needs that fall short of needing a dedicated standby generator.

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It’s our goal to provide clients with ideal power and safety products and custom-fabricated systems. To ensure your needs are met, we offer a wide range of additional products and compatible accessories, including:

  • Testing kits. Testing kits are useful for performing simple maintenance on your chosen product and offer a method of detecting and troubleshooting complications with your docking station early.
  • Additional Cam-Lok cables. Additional Cam-Lok cables are available on request should you need replacements or additional cables for extra connections. Cables are color-coded and available in all standard male and female connection configurations.
  • Mounting hardware. Salient products come with all necessary mounting hardware, however, replacement or additional hardware are available upon request.
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