Salient Power Solutions and PSI Power & Controls have merged and rebranded under the Salient name.

Industrial/Commercial Switchboard


Salients Switchboards are built and listed to UL891 Switchboard Standard



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Salient switchboards provide a convenient and economical means of distributing electric power. They are built and listed to UL891 standard. These enclosed, free-standing structures contain circuit breakers or fusible overcurrent protection for services rated up to 6,000 A with a maximum voltage of 600 Vac. Switchboards are custom-made for use as service entrance equipment or as distribution centers in commercial, institutional, and industrial applications. Auxiliary sections are also available for cable or bus transition or to provide additional space for connecting the service conductors to the line side of the main. The auxiliary section is a full-height section with a depth to match that of the adjacent section. It can contain customer metering or through bus and incoming lug pads. The Salient switchboard frame allows various special components to be mounted in the switchboard. These components include automatic transfer systems, transfer switches, and special metering systems. This flexibility means the Salient switchboard can meet customer requirements on the most complicated applications.

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Terms and Conditions

As well as offering superior baseline products to our client’s, we are also happy to offer an array of additional and optional accessories to customize your products according to your needs. Accessories available for generator tap box pad/floor mount units include:

  • Testing kits. Testing kits from Salient are ideal for performing simple maintenance on products as well as keeping your equipment in peak condition for as long as possible.
  • Additional Cam-Lok® cables. Cam-Lok® cables are color-coded to make choosing connections safer and simpler, helping you identify connections during any situation. Cables are available in all standard male and female connection configurations.
  • Combination manual transfer switch with Cam-Lok® receptacles. To assist in cutting down on additional wiring, our MTS with pre-wired Cam-Lok® cables is perfect for making connecting your new tap box system absolutely pain-free.

Combo Rotary Manual Transfer Switch

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