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Why You Need a Transfer Switch for Generators

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Transfer Switches

Manual Transfer Switch – Breaker/Breaker Generator Tap Box CombinationTo secure your commercial business against the inconvenience and safety problems of a power outage, you almost definitely have looked into getting a generator.

But in doing so, you’ve likely encountered a need for additional equipment that you may not have anticipated. The biggest of these is a manual transfer switch, which is nearly a requirement for any commercial generator use.

Wondering why you need to install a manual transfer switch, and what it accomplishes for you? If so, PSI Power & Controls is here for you with some insight into the benefits of using a transfer switch, and whether you need one in the first place.

What Is a Generator Transfer Switch?

Transfer switches, both automatic and manual, provide fast access to power for critical functions in the event of an outage. Without a transfer switch, you have to manually connect your generator to the equipment you want to power. This is much less efficient and less effective.

Transfer switches basically police the connections of your business to utility power and generator power. The transfer switch prevents any form of overlap, and in the event of an outage, gives you a direct and simple method of powering critical functions, comfort solutions, lights, and emergency equipment.

But beyond convenience, do you actually need a transfer switch for generators? The answer can be a little different depending on your circumstances and the type of business you operate. But in short, we would say yes, you do.

Why Do I Need a Transfer Switch for a Generator?

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Not only does the transfer switch safely enable the use of power during an outage, it’s actually electrical code to do so.

High-powered appliances and equipment carry a massive load, and connections made directly without the use of a automatic or manual transfer switch can be extremely dangerous, incurring risks like physical harm and even electrical fires or the loss of commercial equipment.

To operate these safely and within code, a transfer switch is necessary to make major connections. So do you need a transfer switch? Almost definitely. Even if your generator only powers lighting, a transfer switch drastically simplifies processes and makes your restoration of vision a matter of seconds, rather than minutes, which can make a critical difference in safety and productivity.

There are a few situations that don’t necessarily require a transfer switch. For example, many residential homes and structures don’t really need one to power a refrigerator or other small appliances, though even then a transfer switch adds a lot of benefits.

It’s when you start adding heavy-duty equipment like an HVAC system, or likely in your case, industrial equipment and high-power operation, that you need a transfer switch.

Choose PSI Power & Controls For Industry-Leading Generator Transfer Switches

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At PSI Power & Controls, we’ve provided top-class emergency power solutions for over 50 years.

We carry all the experience and superior transfer switch products needed to safely, effectively, and quickly restore power to your business and make the operation of generators more effective.

Want to learn more or find out how our generator transfer switches can benefit your business? Contact PSI today to get started.

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