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Benefits of Installing a Generator Tap Box

Generator Tap Boxes

Stable access to power in the event of an outage or incident is nearly a requirement to maintain your commercial business. And to accommodate this need, a generator can serve your purposes quite well. But as beneficial as a generator can be, and in fact in many cases necessary, they are not without their weaknesses. The biggest hurdle for your business to work around is the sheer amount of time it requires to set up a generator each and every time you need it.

This is where a generator tap box comes in, giving you fast, easy, and safer access to electrical power from your businesses generator. Tap boxes, also known as docking stations, provide the means to permanent and effective electricity access by way of standard male and/or female Cam-Lok® receptacles. Tap boxes are also highly customizable when procured from manufacturers directly—as you would from PSI Power & Controls. Curious to find out what a tap box can provide for your business? Follow along to find out!

PSI Power & Controls is dedicated to supplying superior emergency energy solutions like our generator tap boxes. If you are looking to gain the perks of a tap box for your business, contact PSI today to speak with our experts!

The Benefits of a Generator Tap Box Installation

A tap box is about more than just electrical access during an emergency or planned outage. They also bring your business many perks, including:

  • Reliability. To a commercial business, an outage can mean many things—all of them bad. This makes a generator nearly necessary, and in many ways they are vital to your business. A tap box further improves your generator access, providing you a reliable means of connecting in an emergency.
  • Safety. Eliminating the need for time consuming and potentially dangerous manual connections, a tap box keeps you and your associates safe from electrical incidents and removes much of the risk of an electrical fire.
  • Improved productivity. Even without the risks to safety and personnel, an outage is still a really big deal. If nothing else, it means a potentially catastrophic halting of all productivity, which can place your business behind the ball even within minutes. With a tap box, your power will be restored in mere seconds at most, keeping interruptions to a minimum.
  • Surge protection. Custom tap box solutions can be customized by your manufacturer, adding additional benefits like surge protection to add a layer of defense to critical equipment and electricity-dependant safety functions.

Generator Tap Boxes with PSI Power & Controls

Looking to gain the advantage of a tap box for your commercial business? PSI Power & Controls can provide the top-class products and reliable solutions you’re looking for. We’ve been family-owned and operated since the day we opened our doors, meaning we always take the time to ensure you, the consumer, get everything you’re looking for for your business.

PSI Power & Controls offers variable, customizable tap box options ranging from 400-4,000 amps in capacity. Our tap boxes have many important features, including:

  • Short circuit protection
  • Phase rotation protection
  • Cam-Lok® snap covers
  • Crimp lugs
  • Custom enclosures and enclosure colors
  • And more!

When you’re ready to find the ideal tap box option for your business, contact the professionals at PSI Power & Controls!

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