Emergency Power Services

Sure access to power is a necessary aspect of owning, operating, or managing a commercial business. A loss of power can result in productivity loss at the very best, and in more sensitive industries it can even impact the health and safety of patients, clients, and employees. At PSI Control Solutions we understand both the intricacies of keeping a business running smoothly and the vital role that emergency and primary power sources can play in your day to day operations.

Our diverse offering of custom and prefabricated emergency power products and systems will ensure your commercial business is prepared to deal with the possibility of an outage or unplanned shutdown. For years our teams have been offering up products that are durable, reliable, and fully customizable according to each client’s needs.

To find out more about our emergency power offerings for retail stores, warehouses, industrial facilities, and more, check out product guide online!

Manual & Automatic Transfer Switches

Whether you utilize a portable generator for as-needed emergency power or a full integrated standby generator, regaining power and switching to your auxiliary source needs to be swift and safe. Our manual and automatic switches connect your circuits with a predetermined setup and can swap to generator power within seconds with no dangerous manual connecting or personnel input required.

Manual transfer switches are an efficient and effective option for safe emergency power access. Though they do need to be engaged by hand (via switch or lever), all connections are already established, making switching to generator power fast and nearly effortless.

Automatic transfer switches operate within a fraction of a second once primary power has been lost, making these the ideal choice for businesses with equipment that cannot afford to be offline for any amount of time. PSI recommends ATS products for hospitals and emergency centers, educational facilities, and for industrial and manufacturing businesses where potentially dangerous equipment is routinely in use.

Generator Tap Boxes from PSI Control Solutions

Used in conjunction with a manual or automatic transfer switch, our generator tap box systems offer an efficient means of regaining power at a moment’s notice. Your tap box can be mounted on a building’s exterior and used to pre-route circuits that you need remaining operational at all times.

Need something more specialized? Contact PSI Control Solutions for company switches as well—systems that offer simple auxiliary power distribution and control during outages.

Safety Switches & Disconnect Switches

At times an emergency power solution aims at swiftly removing a source rather than changing to one. If your business relies upon heavy industrial tools or systems that require routine maintenance or need access to an immediate safety disconnect, PSI Control Solutions has you covered. Our diverse range of switches and disconnects are available in fusible and non-fusible formats according to your needs and NEC code requirements for your particular systems and equipment.

Unsure of what safety switches you’re looking for or need for your business? Reach out to the emergency power product specialists at PSI online!

Emergency Power Products for Industrial Businesses

At PSI Control Solutions, our goal has always been to offer clients a diverse range of products and services. We understand that the needs of any given client will differ from others, and so we provide the most comprehensive range of solutions possible. Whether you know what you need, or are looking for guidance, you can trust the product specialists at PSI Control Solutions.