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How to Choose the Right Manual Transfer Switch

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Transfer Switches

A manual transfer switch can be a lifesaver when you need fast, safe electrical power supply. Choosing the correct size manual transfer switch can be a struggle, especially if you’re unsure how much electrical capacity your building demands. With things like your HVAC system, individual workstations, computer networks, refrigerators, and security systems all requiring electrical power to function, it’s best to let an OEM manufacturer design and build your switch.

Keep reading for more tips on how to choose the right manual transfer switch for your commercial property.

Choosing Amps

Depending on the size of your commercial property and portable generator, you may need a larger or smaller manual transfer switch. When we say “larger or smaller,” we mean more or less “amps”. Amp is a term that measures the amount of electricity used. If you own a large company with a large store or warehouse requiring multiple systems to function, you will most likely need a larger generator and require a manual transfer switch with more amps.

At PSI Power & Controls, we can build a manual transfer switch available in the following amps:

  • 30 amps
  • 60 amps
  • 100 amps
  • 200 amps
  • 400 amps
  • 600 amps
  • 800 amps
  • 1200 amps
  • 1600 amps
  • 2000 amps
  • 2500 amps
  • 3000 amps

Choosing Circuitry

Some business owners may choose to power more circuits than their competitors during a blackout. No matter what the cause of your power outage or how long the outage lasts, you’ll need to power various systems that are critical to your day-to-day operations.

Our transfer switches can be built to handle any amount of dedicated circuitry. Call us today to learn more—704-594-4107!

Choosing Wattage

The amount of wattage required to safely operate your generator also depends on the electrical capacity of your commercial building and the amount of circuits you wish to run. The more circuits, the higher the wattage needed. Wattage can also depend on your:

  • HVAC system
  • Electrical system
  • Hot water heater
  • Security system
  • Business needs
  • Electrical demands (number of workstations, rooms to be lit, electrical devices, etc.)
  • And more

Manual Transfer Switch Design from PSI Power & Controls

Only a team of certified electrical engineers can properly assess your commercial building and its electrical demands. If you’re looking for a manual transfer switch to complement your business’s portable generator, contact PSI Power & Controls!

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