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Manual Transfer Switch FAQ

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Salient has been in the business of supplying top-class emergency electrical solutions for a long, long time. In fact, we’ve been the name to know for well over 50 years! That’s half a century of dedication to quality through family-owned and operated excellence. And as a successful business that has been around for a good while, we tend to get a lot of questions.

They range from inquiries the specifics of our products, all the way to simple questions regarding the benefits of tap boxes and transfer switches. And these are all great! As an authority in the industry, we take pride in our knowledge and we’re always happy to provide answers and solutions where we can. Because of that dedication, we decided to build a quick and simple FAQ regarding one of our most inquired about products: manual transfer switches.

Manual Transfer Switch FAQ

What is a manual transfer switch?

Put somewhat simply, a transfer switch, whether automatic or manual, provides fast access to your generator power when working in conjunction with a tap box. When not using a transfer switch, you must manually connect your generator directly to the functions you wish to power during an outage—a time consuming and inefficient solution. Transfer switches set up connections upon installation with the help of your electrician, allowing you to power predetermined circuits at the flip of a switch.

Do I need to operate my transfer switch or will it operate automatically?

You do need to operate a manual transfer switch. There are automatic transfer switches available that will seamlessly and automatically restore power via your generator. Both types offer different advantages, so it’s best to work with an expert to find out which transfer switch meets your needs best.

Do I need a transfer switch to operate my commercial business’ generator?

As an actual requirement, no, not at all. Generators can work simply by directly plugging them into appliances, however this is very inefficient and is much easier said than done during an emergency. Transfer switches are faster, easier, safer, and far more effective at helping you restore power.

Do transfer switches actually help?

Very much! One of the biggest boons outside of sheer speed of power restoration, transfer switches are also a) much faster, requiring only a flip of the switch to start things rolling, and b) more efficient. You can predetermine what operations you want to power in an outage, helping you plan out operations in the event of an emergency our outage. This can improve productivity and safety both, which are critical to your commercial business’ success.

What amperage range do your transfer switches cover?

At Salient, we offer manual switches in the range of 60-3000 amps. What “size” you need depends on the electrical needs of your business, the size of your generator, as well as what operations you wish to power in an outage.

Manual Transfer Switch Solutions with Salient

Have a question that didn’t get answered? Feel free to contact a professional at Salient! Our expert, highly-knowledgeable team is always ready to help and provide insight into the use and function of transfer switches!

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