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What Do the Cam-Lok® Colors Mean?

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Cam Lok Cables

Cam-Lok® cables make it quick and convenient to connect a standby generator when utility power is lost or load testing is required at a commercial facility. These cables feature heavy-duty, quick-connect ends that are typically color-coded, but what do the colors mean?

It depends on the application, but there’s typically one color for each power phase plus one color each for neutral and ground. Although the colors used for each function are relatively consistent in the U.S., there are actually no codes dictating their use, with the exception of neutral and ground.

Cam-Lok Color Requirements

The National Electric Code (NEC) stipulates that the color green can only be used for equipment grounding conductors. Similarly, the colors white or gray can only be used for neutral conductors.

There’s no such requirement for the line or phase conductors, though most industries have settled on a standard color coding scheme that is common throughout the country.

By using standard color schemes, it’s easier to avoid costly mistakes when connecting temporary power systems, and it makes connections safer and quicker to complete under stressful conditions or during emergencies.

Unintentionally switching two different phase cables could cause a motor to run backward or it could damage sensitive electronics. Swapping a phase cable with a neutral or ground cable could cause more substantial damage.

The color codes give noticeable visual cues that the incorrect cable may be connected to a terminal, but it’s still best practice to verify that everything is connected properly, regardless of the color coding.

PSI’s Cam-Lok Colors & Customizations

At PSI Power & Controls, we feature Cam-Lok cables in eight different colors that correspond to industry-standard color schemes for different system voltages. Our standard cable colors for each voltage include:

  • 120/240V (two lines, neutral, ground): Black, Red, White, Green
  • 120/208V (three lines, neutral, ground): Black, Red, Blue, White, Green
  • 480V (three lines, ground): Brown, Orange, Yellow, Green
  • 277/480V (three lines, neutral, ground): Brown, Orange, Yellow, White, Green
  • 575-600V Wye (three lines, neutral, ground): Black, Black, Black, White, Green
  • 575-600V Delta (three lines, ground): Black, Black, Black, Green

Each cable is available in standard lengths of 25, 50, 75, and 100 feet, as well as custom lengths.

The color coding can be customized to meet the needs of the equipment or facility as well, and a choice of connectors is available for each end of the cable, including male Cam-Lok connectors, female Cam-Lok connectors, lugs, and more.

Custom Cam-Lok Products From PSI Power & Controls

Simplify emergency power connections with custom Cam-Lok cables, Cam-Lok panels, generator tap boxes, and more from PSI Power & Controls. For over 25 years, we have served OEM manufacturers throughout the U.S., providing innovative custom control solutions, OEM control panels, industrial power solutions, and emergency power equipment.

Our products are UL-certified with 12-month material and workmanship warranties, and we feature industry-leading service with competitive pricing and on-time delivery.

Call PSI today at (704) 594-4107 to request a quote for custom Cam-Lok cables that meet your unique specifications.

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