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PSI Control Solutions offers a broad selection of Series 16 Cam-Lok® power cables to match nearly any temporary power configuration. These black 4/0 DLO flexible cables are built with cable that is UL Listed E193954 RHH/RHW-2 600 Volts and DLO 2000 Volts. Operation 90 Degree C Wet or Dry with an Ampacity of 400 Amps and a weight of .93 pounds per foot. This UL-approved product also meets various standards including ST-4, FT-4 and VW-1 Flame Tests.

Application: Designed for uses requiring a flexible heavy duty power cable. Leads for portable generators.

When purchasing Cam-Lok® power cables from PSI Control Solutions, you’ll need to specify your choice of length, male or female left and right ends (or no connection left or right), and connector color. Default lengths are 25, 50, 75, and 100 feet, with other lengths available by request. Connector colors include black, red, white, green, blue, yellow, brown, and orange, to make management of your connections straightforward via the use of standardized color codes for different voltages:

  • 120/240V ( two lines, neutral, ground ) Black Red White Green
  • 120/208V ( three lines, neutral, ground ) Black Red Blue White Green
  • 480V ( three lines, ground) Brown Orange Yellow Green
  • 277/480V ( three lines, neutral, ground) Brown Orange Yellow White Green
  • 575-600V Wye ( three lines, neutral, ground ) Black Black Black White Green
  • 575-600V Delta ( three lines, ground ) Black Black Black Green

Frequently asked questions:

Cam-Lok® power cables allow for quick and easy connection of components within a temporary power system, utilizing a simple male/female pairing system so you can connect generators and tap boxes with a minimum of fuss and almost zero room for error.

The heavily-insulated design of Cam-Lok® power cables makes them ideal for indoor or outdoor applications and safe enough for end-users with minimal experience with wiring and electrical systems. Using Cam-Lok® connections in your power system turns the complications of backup power into simple plug-and-play, especially in combination with user-friendly tap box and transfer switch solutions.

When choosing your Cam-Lok® power cables, make sure to take the time to confirm your needs for male and female pairings. Color coding can also make for a quicker, easier connection to temporary backup power in an emergency, when time may be limited. If you have questions about compatibility with other PSI Control Solutions products, or would like to inquire about custom solutions for power system connections, contact PSI Control Solutions today.

Contact the team at PSI Control Solutions to learn more about Cam-Lok® power cables, generator transfer switches, and more! 

Our Cam-Lok® power cables are a versatile connection option and are compatible with any number of Cam-Lok® friendly products and components available from PSI Control Solutions. Some of our available products compatible with these cables by default include:

  • Combination Manual Transfer Switch with Cam-Lok® Receptacles
  • Generator Tap Box – Pad or Floor Mount – 1600 to 4000 Amps
  • Generator Tap Box Wall Mount

You can also opt for a collapsible bulk container to make management of a large collection of power cables simpler and more space-efficient.

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Combination Manual Transfer Switch with Cam-Lok® Receptacles
Generator Tap Box Pad or Floor Mount 1600 to 4000 Amps
Generator Tap Box Wall Mount
Generator Tap Box Wall Mount with Side Compartment
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