Salient Power Solutions and PSI Power & Controls have merged and rebranded under the Salient name.

100-1200 Amp Contactor Style ATS



An automatic transfer switch (ATS) is a critical component of backup power systems, ensuring seamless and reliable electricity supply during power outages or disruptions. Operating within electrical distribution systems, an ATS constantly monitors the incoming utility power. In the event of an outage or voltage fluctuation, the ATS swiftly and automatically switches the power source from the primary utility grid power source to an alternate power source. Contactor style ATS units are available in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different power loads and applications, making them indispensable in commercial buildings, data centers, healthcare facilities, and residential settings where uninterrupted power is paramount. Standard stocked units are available in open transition, UL type 3R enclosed, in 3 and 4 pole, 100-1200 amps. Engineered and built to order options include, 2 pole switches, delayed transition, and enclosure types 1, 3R 316 stainless steel, and 4X 316 stainless steel, aux contacts, and communications modules.

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