Salient Power Solutions and PSI Power & Controls have merged and rebranded under the Salient name.

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Generator Tap Box Specification

I General

A Scope

A.1- This specification defines the requirements for Generator Tap Boxes assembled by Salient. A.2- Generator Tap Boxes provided by Salient shall be completely assembled by a certified ISO facility. Salient is ISO9001 certified. Number-C0098005-IS1

B Purpose

B.1- The purpose of the Generator Tap Box when installed properly is to provide an easy means to quickly connect a temporary generator to a site due to utility or other power source failure. B.2- The Generator Tap Box shall be installed on the building exterior and be hardwired to main switchboard or transfer switch.

C Quality

C.1- Generator Tap Boxes shall be completely assembled and undergo a functional test procedure prior to shipment from Salient. This test shall be documented and included with the Generator Tap Box. C.2- All Generator Tap Boxes shall be built in accordance with the National Electric Code. C.3- Generator Tap Boxes that require a UL label shall be built in accordance with UL508A.

D Warranty

D.1- Salient warrants the products manufactured by it and delivered hereunder will be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of twelve (12) months after date of shipment.

II Product Requirements

A General

A.1- All components shall be new and free of defects.

B Electrical Ratings

B.1- Generator Tap Boxes shall be rated for single phase 100-240VAC and three phase 208-600VAC. B.2- Generator Tap Boxes shall be available in an ampacity range of 400-4000A. B.3- Generator Tap Boxes shall be available in both three and four wire configurations.

C Enclosure

C.1- Enclosure shall be NEMA Type 3R, wall-mount with welded mounting tabs or free-standing with mounting feet. C.2- Enclosure material shall be galvanized steel with RAL7035 light-gray finish or Type 316 stainless-steel. C.3- Enclosure shall have both a hinged front access door with padlockable wingknob latch, and hinged bottom access door for cable entry. Bottom access door shall have rubber bumpers to limit range of motion. C.4- Enclosure shall have two louvered side vents for additional airflow. C.5- Enclosure shall have a ten gauge interior angled shelf with welded support brackets and cutouts for interchangeable cam-plates. C.6- Enclosure shall have removable cover secured with slotted hex head screws.

D Cam-Plates

D.1- Cam-plates shall be ten gauge galvanized steel with RAL7035 light-gray finish or Type 316 stainless-steel. D.2- Cam-plates shall be interchangeable with hole-cutouts for E1016 Cam-Lok® receptacles. D.3- For single phase or three-wire applications, a blank cam-plate shall be installed in the empty cutout.

E Cam-Lok® Receptacles

E.1- Cam-Lok® receptacles shall be insulated single pole, Cooper E1016 series, male or female with a single hole busbar connection. E.2- Cam-Lok® receptacles shall be color coded for each phase depending upon system voltage.

Phase Conductors 208-240VAC-Black, Red, Blue 480VAC-Brown, Orange, Yellow 575/600VAC-Black, Black, Black Neutral Conductor-White Ground Conductor-Green

E.3- Ground Cam-Lok® receptacles shall be bonded to the enclosure.

F Busbar

F.1- Busbar shall be tin-plated copper with mounting holes for mechanical lugs or boltholes for compression lugs. F.2- Busbar shall be sized at 1000A/sq. in.

G Lugs

G.1- Lugs for permanent conductors shall be aluminum, dual rated, with a mechanical screw. G.2- Lugs shall accept a wire-range of (1) #2-750 MCM.

III Execution

A Installation

A.1- The Generator Tap Box shall be installed correctly according to the provided manual and in an appropriate location. A.2- Wall-mounted Generator Tap Boxes shall be installed on a building exterior or equivalent. A.3- Free-standing Generator Tap Boxes shall be installed on a flat, level surface. A.4- Installation shall be in accordance with all applicable codes and standards

B Cable-Entry

B.1- Enclosure penetrations for cable entry shall be used with appropriate components to maintain the NEMA 3R rating.

C Use

C.1- When the Generator Tap Box is properly installed and ready to accept a portable generator, the installer should follow operational instructions specified in the manual provided.

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