Enclosed Circuit Breakers

Price $930.00 - $23,754.00

kAIC Breaker Rating @ 480 Volts
Breaker Disconnect Handle Type
Breaker % Rating

For Enclosed Circuit Breakers 1000 Amps or greater and 480 Volts please contact PSI Control Solutions. This Scenario requires a ground fault relay.

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Rotary Handle Disconnect Enclosed Circuit Breaker NEMA 4/12 or NEMA 4X 316 Stainless Steel
Flange Disconnect Handle Enclosed Circuit Breaker NEMA 4/12 or NEMA 4X 316 Stainless Steel
    • 200

    • 225

    • 250

    • 300

    • 350

    • 400

    • 500

    • 600

    • 800

    • 1200

    • 1600

    • 2000

The enclosure on our Enclosed Circuit Breakers are constructed out of NEMA standard 4/12 or 4X 316 stainless steel. Choose from your choice of rotary or flange disconnect operators according to the requirements of your application or preferences.

The unit can be made to 35, 65, or 100kAIC Breaker Ratings at 480 volts.

The breaker percent rating can be configured to 80% or 100% depending on your application, and you can choose from 3-pole amps at all common settings from 200 through 2000.

If you require an enclosed circuit breaker over 1000 amps or with specifications outside of our standard parameters, contact PSI Control Solutions to find out more. A ground fault relay may be required.

Our enclosed circuit breakers offer customers all the benefits and flexibility inherent in a traditional custom built circuit breaker, packaged in a flexible configuration compatible with most applications requiring a safe means of disconnect. Common applications include surge protection, management of backup generators, circuit protection when using alternative energy, motor controls, and general ease-of-use in disconnection.

Enclosed circuit breakers and the associated electrical systems into which they’re installed should be installed and maintained with utmost caution by experienced professionals. Make sure anyone interacting with your system is thoroughly apprised of the components in the system and familiar with the manufacturer provided documentation on safety and operation. Current and potential future applications should be considered during the installation process, to avoid creating problems when adding later components to your electrical system.

To achieve optimal performance from your enclosed circuit breaker, make sure you match the needs of your system accurately to your circuit breaker. A mismatch between system requirements and your breaker can result in high levels of inefficiency, early degradation of system components, and other forms of waste, even in cases where the problem does not create a safety hazard. Regular checkups and maintenance of worn or oxidized components can additionally improve the efficiency and safety of your system, preventing early wear or wasted power over time.

Our enclosed circuit breakers are compatible with a wide selection of hardware and components from PSI Control Solutions. We strive to offer a complete range of accessories and customizable solutions,  included but not limited to:

Wires and cables. For general wiring to your circuit breaker and other PSI Control Solutions equipment.
Mounting hardware. General electrical enclosure mounting hardware for indoor and outdoor applications.
Enclosure accessories. Additional locking mechanisms, safety features, and similar components to make sure your enclosure meets all the needs of your application, wherever you install it.
Replacement components. Replacement breakers, contacts, etc. to keep your system functional and efficient.
Alarms. Wiring alarms to indicate active or unsafe connections.
Safety components. Emergency breakers, ground fault modules, and other systems.
Connectors. Connect your wires and cables to other systems and components with maximum convenience and safety.
Testing and troubleshooting kits. PSI Control Solutions offers a wide selection of testing equipment and kits designed to help you identify and eliminate common trouble areas with any electrical system.

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