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Generator Transfer Switches

Generator transfer switches make it simple to switch to standby power in the event of a power outage. Salient is a leading supplier of manual transfer switches and automatic transfer switches for portable generators and residential standby generators.

Types of Generator Transfer Switches

Manual Generator Transfer Switches

Salient offers a complete line of manual transfer switches from 30-3000 amps. Whether you need a service entrance transfer switch in a NEMA 3R enclosure or an outdoor manual transfer switch in a NEMA 4X enclosure, we can meet your needs.

Automatic Generator Transfer Switches

Salient offers automatic transfer switches in amperages between 200 and 5000 amps. An ideal solution if you’re looking for an emergency generator transfer switch, our ATS product is suitable for hospitals, manufacturers, gas stations, fuel centers, restaurants, educational facilities, and more.

All products are UL1008 Labeled and come with Cam-Lok® color-coded cables for fast and simple connection and circuit identification. Available NEMA enclosures include the NEMA 1, NEMA 3R, and NEMA 4X, suitable for indoor and outdoor generator applications. Our products include service entrance generator switches and non-service entrance switches.

Generator Transfer Switch Installation

For instructions on how to wire a generator transfer switch, please refer to our product brochures, product instruction manuals, technical specifications and engineering specifications. These documents can be downloaded on the Resources tab on each of our product pages. Always exercise caution when installing a generator transfer switch.

Frequently Asked Questions

A generator transfer switch is a simple electrical device that allows you to easily switch between utility power and backup/standby power when needed. The most common use of a generator transfer switch is to flip over to an emergency generator, portable generator, or other on-demand generator.

At their most basic level, generator transfer switches isolate the circuits that use generator power to eliminate the risk of back-feeding the electrical supply, which can cause serious injury or death, as well as property damage. Generator transfer switches are critical to safe operation of portable generators for standby power.

How a transfer switch works differs depending on whether you’re using an automatic or manual transfer switch.

A manual generator transfer switch (MTS) works by isolating determined circuits you want powered in the event of an outage. These circuits are isolated using a “make and break” system that when operated, swaps your grid power for generator power. By applying this make/break system, you avoid currents and arcs that can occur without the break, making a transfer switch exceptionally safe in addition to much faster than operating a generator without the switch. Each connected circuit (which is chosen at the time of installation) is protected individually with surge protectors that comes as a part of your manual transfer switch product.

An automatic generator transfer switch (ATS) works in much the same way, only the process is entirely automated. In the event that your business loses power, the automatic switch will instantly change your supply from grid to generator, with less than a second of interruption in your supply of power. Automatic systems accomplish this by consistently monitoring your grid power supply. When any interruptions occur, whether due to storms, line damage, or any other source, the switch breaks connection with the grid power, and establishes generator power. This is faster and more efficient than an automatic system, and these switches are frequently seen in large-scale commercial operations and sensitive businesses like healthcare facilities.

Yes, Salient offers several NEMA 4X generator transfer switches for outdoors.  Our outdoor transfer switches offer a superior level of protection from corrosion and extreme environments. We also carry Cam-Lok® outlet tap boxes for quick generator connection or to supply temporary generator power to outdoor equipment.

According to HomeAdvisor, it will take an electrician three to four hours to install a generator transfer switch. The average generator transfer switch installation cost is about $200 to $400 for labor, on average.

Salient does not provide generator transfer switch installation services.

Salient offers products rated for a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Portable generator transfer switches
  • Emergency generator transfer switches
  • Home generator transfer switches
  • Standby generator transfer switches
  • Outdoor generator transfer switches

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