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Eaton Magnum Automatic Transfer Switch



  • 1600-5000 Amps
  • 3 or 4 Pole
  • Service Entrance Rated with Ground Fault Protection or Non-Service Entrance Rated with no Ground Fault Protection
  • Fix or Draw Out Breakers
  • Enclosure NEMA 1 or 3R
  • For 3R enclosures please choose heater option
  • Eaton ATC-900 Controller
  • UL1008 1600-4000 Amps 100kAIC 600V 3 Cycles 85kAIC 600V 30 Cycles
  • CBC-California Building Code
  • CSA

Automatic transfer switch systems provide businesses and industries with safe, efficient primary and secondary electrical access with unparalleled speed. An automatic switch set to portable or standby generator systems will detect loss of power and switch connection to generator power from utility power within a fraction of a second, restoring power in a safe and hands-free manner. Eaton Magnum is suitable for use in businesses or applications that demand higher than average amp ratings.

The Eaton Magnum automatic transfer switch provided by PSI Power & Controls is available with enclosures NEMA 1 and NEMA 3R, providing protection against common indoor and outdoor ingress respectively 3R enclosures come with heater options to streamline operation in inclement weather.

Our automatic switch products are available in 1600-5000 amp ranges as your needs dictate, and can be configured with 3 or 4 poles as necessary. Device fitting can be set for draw-out or fixed, and can be service entrance rated for ground fault, or can be non service entrance rated.

Product Usage

Automatic transfer switches create connections between utility power, your business’ vital circuits, and auxiliary power sources. In the event of an outage caused by weather, surges, utility loss, or other forces, the switch will detect power loss and automatically switch to emergency or secondary power sources, giving an interruption free and completely safe access to secondary power systems. When utility power is both restored and stable, the automatic switch will reverse, reverting to utility power automatically.

Automatic switches are ideal for supplying secondary power to vital systems within a business including safety equipment, lighting and emergency lights, HVAC systems, and more. They’re also highly effective for performing system testing and maintenance without power interruption or fluctuations that may delay testing or damage equipment.

Automatic transfer switches see use in a wide range of businesses, and are perfect for: hospitals and emergency care facilities, manufacturing, laboratories, data centers, industrial work areas, gas and fuel centers, and other similar applications.

Terms and Conditions

In addition to our baseline Eaton products, PSI Power & Controls also offers a wide range of secondary accessories and additional products that pair well. With the Eaton Magnum automatic switch we also offer:

  • Testing Kits. PSI-issued testing kits are ideal for switch calibrations and performance testing, ensuring the effectiveness and integrity of your emergency power solutions and keeping them in peak condition.
  • Cam-Lok® power cables. Cam-Lok® cables are color-coded to easy circuit hookup and simple identification. Additional cables in male/male, male/female, female/female configurations are all available to suit your business requirements and power needs.
  • Mounting Hardware. PSI products come with simple mounting and connection hardware. Additional hardware is available upon request.
  • PSI Generator Tap Box w/Wall Mount. Used in conjunction with Cam-Lok® power cables, our wall mounted tap box is effective for connecting your generator systems to important circuitry safely, effectively, and efficiently.

Generator Tap Box Wall Mount & Load Bank Cabinet Wall Mount

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