Buyer’s Guide for Automatic Transfer Switches

For your commercial business, little is more critical than having continuous, uninterrupted access to electrical power. This makes failsafes, like an emergency generator system nearly imperative for industrial and commercial structures. And to provide a quick, safe, and simple solution to operate your generator system, absolutely nothing is more effective than an automatic transfer switch system.

PSI Control Solutions is absolutely dedicated to providing our consumers with the best in the business, bringing you top-tier solutions to energy problems. When it comes to the inner workings of emergency power, there’s no one more knowledgeable! And as part of our service and dedication to you, we strive to provide as much information possible to assist you in choosing the right solution to meet your needs.

When it comes to an automatic transfer switch, there are key bits of information and a lot of options that go into finding the right switch for your needs. If you’re struggling to find the automatic switch that meets the needs of your business best, you’ve come to the right place!

What Is an Automatic Transfer Switch?

An automatic transfer switch is designed to automate and simplify gaining access to electrical power supplied by your generator. An automatic switch will nearly instantaneously reroute power from our main supply when it has become compromised, painlessly swapping to generator power without the need to do any messy manual connections.

This is accomplished by a system built into the switch that continuously monitors your power grid. This system will detect interruptions in power, and automatically change your structure’s power supply to the generator and its predetermined circuits.

Amperage: The Size of Your Switch

When talking about automatic transfer switch size, the term isn’t literal. We’re referring to the amperage your switch operates within and can safely supply/handle. The amps your transfer switch can handle directly correlate to how much it can power optimally and the sizes vary anywhere from thirty up to the multiple thousands (PSI offers 200-5,000 amp automatic transfer switches).

The larger your generator, the higher the amperage required of your automatic switch to operate correctly and effectively (as well as safely!).


A watt is a basic unit of measurement for power, whether mechanical, electrical, or otherwise. An amp, on the other hand, directly refers to electricity (which is why we use amps to determine the size of your transfer switch). So why are watts important? Because you need to understand the wattage needs of your structure. Or more specifically, the wattage required to operate your chosen emergency functions (lighting, machinery, safety features, etc.).

Wattage is important in finding out the size and type of generator
for your business, which in turn determines the size of transfer switch needed for safe and effective operation. For the most accurate results, we would encourage you to work with a certified electrician to determine your generator needs!

Automatic Transfer Switches with PSI

The team at PSI Control Solutions carries all of the knowledge, skill, and experience needed to ensure you get the perfect automatic switch to meet your business’ needs.

Want to learn more or interested in procuring the perfect automatic switch solution for your business? Contact our specialists today!