What Is a Hazardous Location Control Panel?

Environmental and process hazards are a common, accepted danger for many, if not most, commercial and industrial businesses. But while our acceptance means awareness such as in the case of staff and employee safety, it also enables us to protect equipment and other major assets.

At PSI Control Solutions, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality and most dependable safety and security solutions for businesses nationwide! Major equipment protection tools like our hazardous location control panels enable you to perform functions safely, and help accommodate even the most stressing environments.

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What Is a Hazardous Location Control Panel? And Do I Need One?

A hazardous location control panel is simply one that has been designed with hazardous locations in mind. In accordance to rigorous classifications and stipulations set out by NEMA standards, hazardous location panels are built to withstand and defend against hazards that are common or intrinsic to a given location.

For example, a hazardous location panel could be fabricated with the possibility of concussive force or explosions in mind. You choose these panels to avoid property loss and in order to preserve function and process capability during times when the panel may be exposed to duress or hazards.

Want to learn more about NEMA classifications and standards? You can read more about the topic here!

Is There Only One Type?

Not at all. In order to be able to withstand different types of hazards, these panels are designed and constructed with a single or select few types of defense in mind. This allows for more specific and rigorous planning, thus giving you the exact option to meet your specific and unique needs.

However, there are types of enclosures and hazardous location panels that are designed to accommodate various and combined hazards, as since there are some industries that regularly encounter multiple issues, such as rain/weather and corrosion, submersion and pressure, etc.

What Constitutes a Hazardous Location?

A hazardous location can be one where any number of possible complications or compromising environments are present, many of which may and or may not be hazardous to personnel. A hazardous location can include:

  • Areas where there are high concentrations of gas or volatile substances
  • Areas where flammable and combustible particles, materials, or vapors are present
  • Water and weather are consistently present
  • Areas of or where high gas or liquid pressure density is common
  • Areas where panels may be subject to concussive force

For these areas, custom, hazardous location panels can be fabricated in order to accommodate and handle these specific conditions, helping to reduce the risks of injury, as well as protecting investments and property loss.

Hazardous Location Control Panels with PSI Control Solutions

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