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How to Determine What Cam-Lok® Power Cables You Need

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Cam Lok Cables

Generators, tap boxes, transfer switches—they all play a vital role in keeping your business safe and productive in the event of an incident or outage. But just like any major piece of equipment these systems rely on having the right parts and connections to operate effectively. For your electrical system use we typically (nearly always) make use of Cam-Lok® power cables. But how do you know what kind of cables you need for your electrical applications? Follow along to find out!

PSI Power & Controls puts an emphasis and focus on offering client’s the most reliable and effective electrical access systems. Through our customer-focused approach and focus on quality we help ensure North Carolina and nationwide client’s are equipped with the absolute best.

Need to learn more about what kind of Cam-Lok® connections you need, or just looking for a reliable supplier? We offer both individual sale and included cam-lock cables for our power-supply solutions! If you need Cam-Lok®, you can trust PSI Power & Controls to provide.

What Are Cam-Lok® Cables?

Cam-Lok® cables are essentially just a safe method of making proper electrical connections in the use of generator and tap-box (temporary) or major equipment connectivity such as motors and power distribution. The basic benefit is offering you an option to connect to temporary or standard power without having to rely on hardwiring or other time consuming methods. Cam-Lok® cables utilize a very straightforward and simple male/female connection scheme.

These cables are exceptionally well protected, resistant to fire, impact, pull force, weather, and even more. That means a safe and easy option, with none of the stress of simpler cable or copper wiring systems, offering you a solution no matter where you are, or what business you’re in.

What Is a Male/Female Connection?

Just about as basic as it sounds. When you use the term “male” or “female” in electrical connections you’re just differentiating between which side is the receiver (female), and which side is the connector (male). While simple, this is one of the two determining factors in what Cam-Lok® cables you choose.

Say your tab box “in” is a receptacle, and so is your generator. That would mean you need male/male. This isn’t a common connection, but it’s the simplest way to understand the concept. Cam-Lok® cables can feature single connections (M/F), or can feature multiple, such as 2M, 3F and more. So always choose the Cam-Lok® that meets your connection needs, or purchase multiple for various easy solution applications.

Choosing By Voltage

Voltage is your other major factor, just as it is with any electrical connection, however there’s not a whole lot to discuss on this matter. You simply choose the Cam-Lok® that suits the application. For example if you need a standard 120v/240v connection, you choose the Cam-Lok® that meets those voltage standards.

At PSI Power & Controls we offer a wide array of Cam-Lok® voltage options, including:

  • 120/240V ( L1 L2 N G ) Black Red White Green
  • 120/208V ( L1 L2 L3 N G ) Black Red Blue White Green
  • 480V ( L1 L2 L3 G ) Brown Orange Yellow Green
  • 277/480V ( L1 L2 L3 N G )  Brown Orange Yellow White Green
  • 575-600V Wye ( L1 L2 L3 N G ) Black Black Black White Green
  • 575-600V Delta ( L1 L2 L3 G ) Black Black Black Green

These options are color-coded as well, for easier choosing and simpler identification in the event of an emergency or incident requiring connection to generator or temporary power supply.

Looking for more help on choosing your Cam-Lok® cables, or looking to purchase? Contact PSI Power & Controls today!

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