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Company Switch vs. Disconnect Switch

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Disconnect Switches

Whether planning an event or short-term entertainment venue, or establishing a long-term performance hall, arena, or convention center, taking into account your power needs is one of the first steps you should make. As a vital part of this planning process, safety should always be first and foremost, both during the implementation of your plans and in execution while entertaining or receiving guests.

When laying out your power systems and deciding on emergency power solutions you are likely to come across one of the more common conundrums: should you use a company switch or a simpler disconnect switch? At Salient we consider helping our client’s get the information they need to be a vital part of ensuring safety and satisfaction, so follow along while we detail what you need to know.

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Company Switches & Disconnect Switches: What Are They?

These two systems are a necessity for safety, but both are fairly simple in what they provide. Both a company switch and a disconnect offer a means of safely and immediately make or break electrical connections, cutting power within a moment if the situation dictates. The differences lie more in how they are applied, and in what features they offer.

A disconnect switch, or combination disconnector and load switch, is designed to ensure that electrical power is completely shut off and unavailable for a specific circuit or system. These are more typically used during planned system or equipment maintenance, and generally, there is a disconnect available for each specific tool or appliance (though occasionally systems can be grouped).

A company switch is a similar but more specialized power distribution system that offers a few distinct advantages over a disconnect switch including single-pole cam connections, portability (disconnect switches are not designed for use in portable equipment at all), and light indicators showing what connected circuits currently carry a load. Additionally, a company switch offers safety-interlocked circuit breakers that cannot be accessed when the circuits are live, and the switch will immediately break power if the switch enclosure is opened or tampered with.

Which Is Best for My Business or Entertainment Venue?

Though a company switch does, in fact, cost more, its added features, portability, longevity, and added ability to manage multiple power distribution systems and circuits make it the obvious choice for most commercial applications. A disconnect, being the simpler and less costly option, can be found in certain applications (and you must have one or the other according to safety codes) and under the right circumstances.

If you are having trouble deciding what emergency power disconnect is ideal for your application or need, then connect with the experts at Salient now! Through our extensive product guides, and with the assistance of our product specialists, you can be certain that you’ll find the right product to suit your business’ electrical safety needs.

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