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Dual Purpose Generator Docking Station

Price $10,750.00-$13,900.00

Main Device
Voltage Selection

Outline Drawing 1200-4000 Amp

Outline Drawing 1200-4000 Amp

Dual Purpose Portable Generator / Load Bank Docking Station with Cam-Lok Connections and Hard Wire #2-750 MCM Mechanical Lug Connections.              16 Series Cam-Lock 400 Amp Receptacles
Male Receptacles for Temporary Generator “Can be female if required”
Female Receptacles for Load Bank Connection “Can be male if required”
Mechanical Lug Connection for
Temporary Generator, Facility Transfer Switch and Permanent Generator
Kirk Key Interlock to be added to match existing facility Kirk Key.

1200 Amps through 4000 Amps

208-240 Volt  480 Volt  575-600 Volt

Three Phase with Full Neutral and Ground

NEMA 3R Enclosure and NEMA 3R 316 Stainless Steel available upon request

Please note we only offer this today as a Main Lug Only Line Connection. Main Breaker is coming soon.

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