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Dual Breaker Dual Purpose Generator Docking Station

kAIC Breaker Rating @ 480 Volts
Add-On Options:
Dual Purpose Remote Start Receptacle with Male Cord End 2 Wire
Dual Purpose GFCI 20A 125V Duplex Receptacle Kit
Dual Purpose Receptacles 2-30Amp L5-30 125V Block Heaters
Dual Purpose 50A 125/250V Receptacle Kit
Dual Purpose Heater 150 Watt for Control Panel w/T\'Stat & H\'Stat
Dual Purpose Trumeter 1600 Amp
Dual Purpose Trumeter 2000 Amp
Dual Purpose Trumeter 2500 Amp
Dual Purpose Trumeter 3000 Amp

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Dual Breaker Dual Purpose Portable Generator / Load Bank Docking Station with Cam-Lok Connections and Hard Wire #2-750 MCM Mechanical Lug Connections.

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