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Cam-Lok® Power Cables

Effective power distribution depends on usability, functionality, and safety. Cam-Lok® power cables deliver on all counts. This helps protect your equipment and ensures that your electrical devices will operate at their peak performance. This makes Cam-Lok® power cables ideal for use in commercial and industrial applications.

Are you searching for a supplier of Cam-Lok® power cables near you? Contact PSI Power & Controls at (704) 594-4107, or reach out to our team online.

Connecting Cam-Lok® Power Cables

Cam-Lok® power cables are designed for temporary or alternative power solutions. They connect easily to portable generators and standby generators, and can be connected to either tap boxes or transfer switches. Each of our cables is designed to provide a solid, reliable connection so that your equipment doesn’t experience a loss of power.

Our green, black, red, white, and blue color-coding makes it easy to make the connection. Naturally, green is reserved for the equipment grounding conductor, and the white or gray are reserved for the neutral conductor. This arrangement helps our client’s make the right connection without worry.

Do you have questions about the steps we take to make sure Cam-Lok® power cables are always easy to connect? Contact PSI Power & Controls at (704) 594-4107, or reach out to our team online.

Cam-Lok® Power Cables Offer Features You Can Count On

We utilize a simple male/female connection arrangement. Our cables are fire-resistant, impact-resistant, weather-resistant, and capable of resisting a significant pull force. We offer male/male connections, male/female connections, female/female connections, and more.

We also offer a wide array of voltage options, including:

  • 120/240V ( L1 L2 N G ) Black Red White Green
  • 120/208V ( L1 L2 L3 N G ) Black Red Blue White Green
  • 480V ( L1 L2 L3 G ) Brown Orange Yellow Green
  • 277/480V ( L1 L2 L3 N G ) Brown Orange Yellow White Green
  • 575-600V Wye ( L1 L2 L3 N G ) Black Black Black White Green
  • 575-600V Delta ( L1 L2 L3 G ) Black Black Black Green

We are happy to help you determine the cable with the right features for your operational needs. The PSI Power & Controls team invite you to contact us at (704) 594-4107 or reach out to our team online.

The Benefits of Cam-Lok® Power Cables

Protection is the primary benefit Cam-Lok® power cables offer our client’s. The solid design of each cable eliminates the risk associated with simpler cables and copper wiring systems. Our design delivers a fire-resistant, impact-resistant solution that helps protect everything from your motors to the reliability of power distribution within your facility. When there is a weather event or unexpected incident or outage, you can depend on our cables to deliver a steady stream of electricity through your generators, tap boxes, and transfer switches.

Because of the durability of the Cam-Lok® power cable design, you will see our cables used in a growing range of industries, including:

  • Warehouses and Manufacturing Facilities
  • Gas Stations and Fuel Centers
  • Theaters and Performance Venues
  • Banks
  • Healthcare Facilities and Care Centers
  • Educational Institutions

Cam-Lok® power cables offer a myriad of benefits for practically every industry. For more about the industries we serve and the benefits we offer, contact PSI Power & Controls at (704) 594-4107, or reach out to our team online


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