Salient Power Solutions and PSI Power & Controls have merged and rebranded under the Salient name.

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Custom Control Panels & Transfer Switches Manufactured In Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is home to a diverse manufacturing economy, producing everything from steel and aluminum products to locomotives, food, agricultural products, paints, and sealants. The industrial equipment at these facilities needs effective power and control solutions for proper operation, and emergency controls to bring the equipment to a halt safely when needed.

At Salient, we specialize in custom-designed industrial power and control systems for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and industrial facilities throughout Pennsylvania and the U.S. We offer everything from OEM control panels for virtually any application to VFD panels, low-voltage starters, generator tap boxes, and transfer switches.

Our equipment is manufactured to precise specifications to provide the ultimate performance, safety, and reliability for our clients. We provide top-quality work with on-time delivery and competitive pricing.

When you need custom controls engineered and manufactured to fit the needs of your equipment in Pennsylvania, choose Salient.

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Custom Control Panel Solutions

Using industrial equipment should be as safe and straightforward as possible. At Salient, we design and manufacture electrical control panels that simplify the use of equipment for nearly any purpose. Our goal is to make the equipment safer, easier, and more efficient to operate, and we can work with your team to create the best design possible.

We offer custom control solutions for these applications in Pennsylvania:

  • Industrial control panels: Our team can design custom controls for variable frequency drives, low-voltage starters, motors, valves, and more, as well as UL 698A hazardous location panels.
  • Water and wastewater systems: When you need precise control of motors, pumps, valves, power systems, and sensors at municipal water systems, reservoirs, wells, lift stations, or sewage treatment plants, our team at Salient can help.
  • Environmental monitoring systems: Keep track of groundwater, wastewater, or stormwater systems with environmental monitoring and control solutions from Salient.
  • Material handling systems: Our experts can help when you need custom controls and logic for material handling systems like conveyors, lifts, sorters, stacker cranes, or palletizers.
  • Power metering: Monitor important power statistics like voltage, current, power usage, phase balance, load status, and communications with our custom power metering systems.

Emergency Power Solutions for Pennsylvania Facilities

Pennsylvania manufacturing facilities must often operate 24/7 to keep up with demand and maximize productivity. When the power goes out, you need an effective solution to deliver emergency power to your building.

At Salient, we offer a wide range of products that can help, including:

  • Transfer switches
  • Cam-Lok products
  • Company switches
  • Dual-purpose generator docking stations
  • Enclosed motor starters
  • Generator tap boxes
  • Power metering
  • Safety switches and disconnect switches

Why Choose Salient?

Since 1961, Salient has been a leader in industrial controls. With our impeccable quality and attention to detail, we’ve earned the trust of OEMs and manufacturers throughout Pennsylvania and the U.S. We offer highly durable, reliable controls with full engineering support and a 12-month material and workmanship warranty.

We also offer a full line of UL-certified products, and we can custom-engineer a solution to meet your needs.

Contact us today to request a quote for custom emergency power equipment in Pennsylvania.

Our Pennsylvania Service Area

At Salient, we serve commercial facilities, industrial facilities, and manufacturers throughout Pennsylvania, including those in:

  • Philadelphia
  • Pittsburgh
  • Lancaster
  • Harrisburg
  • Erie
  • Scranton
  • Allentown
  • And more
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