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Manual Transfer Switches for Convenience Stores

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If you’re a business owner or employee at a convenience store, it’s important to have backup power in case of untimely emergencies that may cause outages. Salient offers emergency backup power solutions for convenience stores, so you’ll be prepared if the electricity goes out.

Our manual transfer switches for convenience stores are custom-built to provide power when you need it most. The engineers at Salient will build a manual transfer to easily connect a portable generator, so you can maintain a safe environment for employees and customers at your store.

Contact Salient to learn more about our manual transfer switches for convenience stores, or to place a custom order.

UL Listed Manual Transfer Switches

Depending on the size and location of your convenience store, your manual transfer switch specifications may differ. For example, you may need a specific type of NEMA enclosure to ensure your convenience store’s manual transfer switch operates safely.

Salient builds UL listed manual transfer switches that are available with fusible and non-fusible configurations. Our manual transfer switches for convenience stores meet all UL specifications—including those listed under UL 1008 standard, which include the following:

  • Two mechanically-interlocked molded case circuit breakers, cam-style male connectors, power distribution block, and grounding terminals hosted within a pad lockable enclosure
  • Hipot tested for a period of at least 60 seconds
  • NEC regulation compliance
  • A hinged flap door to cover all cable openings when cables are not connected
  • And much more

Benefits of Manual Transfer Switches

When the power goes out, your convenience store can’t stay open without a manual transfer switch. A manual transfer switch can supply emergency backup power to:

  • Lights – When you have a backup power solution, your costumers can continue to shop in your store, even if the power is out at their own home.
  • Cash Registers and Computers – The electronics that you depend on to run your business will continue to operate during outages.
  • Heating and Cooling Equipment – Your convenience store will stay comfortable during outages because your heating and cooling equipment will still run smoothly.
  • Refrigerators – You won’t have to worry about perishable products going bad during a power outage when you have a backup solution.
  • Security Systems – Your security cameras will run while your portable generator is in use, so you won’t have to worry about break-ins or robberies during power outages.

Need a Manual Transfer Switch for a Convenience Store?

Salient produces high quality, reliable electrical solutions at a competitive price. We know that convenience stores rely heavily on electricity. To ensure your safety and the operation of your business, you should consider implementing a backup power solution.

When you choose Salient you receive:

  • Competitive Pricing
  • On-time Delivering
  • Engineering Support
  • UL-certified Products
  • 12-month Workmanship Warranties
  • Private Label Assembly

Contact us today to learn more about our manual transfer switches for convenience stores, or for any questions you have about backup power solutions.

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