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When to Install a Wye Delta Open Transition Motor Starter

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Motor Starter

Electrical safety systems are vital to your business. Both to ensure the safety of employees and associates, you should always ensure to include proper safety features and accessories for appropriate equipment. And at Salient, our experts strive to provide you with the means to do so, both through the availability of superior, reliable products, and through providing critical and pertinent information regarding our systems and solutions. A motor starter is ideal for larger equipment that generates considerable voltage or can generate a surge in power, and today we’ll be talking about specifically the application of Wye Delta open transition starters.

Salient is absolutely committed to bringing your commercial business the best in product, electrical equipment, and safety solutions. We have been bringing top-class service and products to client’s for years, and ours is a business that is built upon ensuring you are always ready and equipped.

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Defining Important Terms

In order to better understand your needs, we’ll need to define some of the critical terms at hand. Namely, ‘motor starter’, and ‘open transition’. From there, it will be much simpler to tell when a Wye Delta open transition motor starter is the right fit for you!

Defining motor starter. Put very simply, motor starters are safety devices that are installed in sensitive or heavy equipment. Starters limit and dissipate excessive power and overcharge, essentially softening the blow to your equipment and managing the use of power during its operation. The aim is to ensure that harm does not come to the equipment (or personnel operating near it) when it is first engaged.

Defining open transition. Open transition, for a motor starter, essentially defines how the load is handled. In an open transition system, the connection is broken in a two-part system that is ideal for handling inertial (rather than frictional) loads.

When to Choose a Wye Delta Open Transition Starter

“Wye Delta” refers to the type of transition starter, and is most simply a means to define the motor starter being used, and to identify its applications. When choosing a motor starter for your business’ equipment, it is most wise to consult a known and certified professional (like our PSI experts), or to consult the manuals and guides of the equipment in question. As we stated before, Wye Delta open transition systems are most commonly used for inertial loads, or those that maintain an inertial load throughout operation.

Wye Delta Open Transition Starters with Salient

If you would like to learn more about motor starters and their application, we’d recommend reading further in our blog, as we strive to address questions routinely. Or if you would like to learn about our motor starter products specifically, feel free to check our product listings! The PSI team is always available to help, and can be reached through our contact information!

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