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What Is a Generator Termination Box Line?

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Generator Tap Boxes

Keeping proper and accessible electric power in your commercial business or industrial application is an absolute necessity. Without power we expose our employees to risk at worst, and at best lose valuable productivity. How do you ensure your business stays powered up and safe? By having the right precautions and tools in place, of course. Generator termination boxes and line and load principles help you operate backup and portable generator systems safely and effectively, and today Salient is here to help you understand why.

At Salient we take your need for perfect products and reliable electrical solutions seriously. We provide industry-leading solutions including top-class products, custom fabrication, and more. Ready to learn about termination box systems? Follow along while our experts talk it over!

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What Is a Generator Termination Box?

At its core and in the simplest terms, a termination box allows for fast and safe use of roll-up or portable generator systems. These boxes make the connection permanent, and offer you a reliable method of engaging backup power in the event of an incident without fiddling with cords and unsafe connections.

How does this differ from a  tap box? Well, a primary difference is the termination box is most typically used in conjunction with portable generators, whereas a tap is used for whole-business or stationary generators. It’s just about having the right tool for the job.

What Are Line & Load in Electrical?

Without getting too specific and jargon-dense (unless you want to sit and read this article for the next ten hours) the basis of line and load is this: In basic electrical application the “line” is considered the intake—where the power is coming into your business through the electrical utility company and coming into your breaker panel, and the load is the electricity being distributed through your business.

Line and load termination boxes essentially to two things:

  1. Break off the current line and load connection to your utility safely and quickly without feedback or dangerous overloading. This is probably the most valuable part of the system, since it reduces risk to personnel and equipment.
  2. Establish a new, secure line and load connection to the generator you are using for your backup power—in the context of this post it would be the generator termination box establishing a stable line/load connection via the generator and your chosen electrical applications.

If you’re having trouble, you can pretty simply sum up the line/load relationship by thinking about a GFCI outlet or other protection device. The line is the power coming into the device, and the load is the “safe” power coming out for your use. Almost like, say, an air filter taking in dirty air and putting out clean air.

Generator Termination Boxes with Salient

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