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Benefits of a Soft Start Solid State Motor Starter

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Motor Starter

Your business relies on having access to superior and reliable power solutions and products. That’s why at Salient, our priority is to always provide the best. When you’re looking for motor starters for the safe use and accident prevention of your heavy-grade equipment, we can always provide!

But what exactly is a soft start solid state motor starter, and what benefits can installing one in your business equipment provide? Today we’ll be exploring these topics, as well as providing insight into where these are best used, and in what applications they excel.

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What Is a Soft Starter?

A soft starter, or motor soft starter, is a device that is installed and incorporated with many industrial or commercial systems that aims to limit torque and power load. To think of it simply, consider a soft starter to essentially play the role its name suggests, softening the startup of major electrical components.

This reduces stress on the machine or operation in question, as well as smooths the starting and operation processes, helping to mitigate complications and wear that can arise from sudden jolts.

Where Are Soft Starters Used?

These tools see a wide range of use, from reducing pressure issues in pump systems, to being utilized in major industrial machinery like conveyor belts or crane tools.

What Does “Solid State” Mean?

Solid state, particularly when talking about electronics and electrical applications, refers to any device, tool, or component designed so that the movement of charge occurs only within strictly solid materials. For an easy example, take solid state hard drives that can now be commonly found in computers. In older drives, a rotating magnetic disk performed the operation, but was rife with complications such as taking on damage very easily from even minor external agitation (bumping the tower, even) and from power surges.

A solid state hard drive, on the other hand, experiences none of the integrity weaknesses of older models, and protects the drive from surges of power. You can think of solid state soft start motor starters in a very similar way, as the materials used and goal of the tool is essentially the same.

The Benefits of Soft Start Solid State Motor Starters

So what does choosing a solid state starter bring to you? What kind of benefits do you stand to gain? Quite a bit, actually! These applications can help:

  • Reduce risk of wear and damage. Making operations start smoothly and in a controlled manner reduces overall wear, making conveyor systems, cranes, major tools, and pump systems last longer and need less service overall.
  • Reduce the risks of power surges or surges during operation. A soft starter helps to limit transient voltages, while also protecting against sudden surges of power that accompany both normal operation, and power outages.
  • Reduce risk to personnel and limit personal harm. Major equipment can be very dangerous, and there’s always a risk involved with using it. That’s why including a motor starter, one that polices electrical charges and makes operation smoother and more predictable, is an excellent way to reduce the risks of personal harm in the workplace.

Looking for superior soft start solid state motor starter products, or more reliable, top-quality products for your safety and power solutions? Choose Salient for all of your needs!

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