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Combination Manual Transfer Switch with Cam-Lok® Receptacles


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PSI Manual Transfer Switches are offered in 400-3200 Amps with enclosure rating of NEMA 3R.  Non Fusible cETLus Listed to UL standard 1008 through 1200 Amps 


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Please select based on Amps, Fusible, Non-Fusible, Cam-Lok's mounted on left hand side or right hand side of enclosure, and 3 Pole or 4 Pole switch. Scroll down orange bar for Non-Fuse Drawings.

Outline Drawings for Service Entrance Rated Switches

Save space save money with our new Combination Manual Transfer Switch and Generator Tap Box.

This offering comes in two sizes: 400-800 Amp and 1200-2400 Amp NEMA 3R Enclosures.

Our new Combination Manual Transfer Switch and Generator Tap Box features Cam-Lok receptacles with an assortment of configurations available to meet any customer’s need. This combination product comes pre wired from PSI, with the Cam-Lok connectors of a generator tap box already wired to the manual transfer switch component. This helps cut down on additional wiring and save space in tight confines where it may come at a premium. It also helps keep additional wiring to a minimum for a simpler backup generator load transfer solution.

Both variants of the product include a lockable Cam-Lock section on your choice of the left or right-hand side, a sub panel, and a drip shield. Customers can also choose between 208-240 volt, 480 volt, and 575-600 voltage variants of the product as needed.

400-800 Amp Unit

  • Cam-Lok’s can be installed on right or left hand side.
  • Cam-Lok section has lockable door
  • 60″ H x 42″ W x 20″ D with Sub Panel
  • Wall Mount or Free Standing if bottom tabs are removed
  • Non-Fusible and Fusible for 400, 600, 800 Amp
  • Drip Shield is also included

1200-2400 Amp Unit

  • Cam-Lok’s can be installed on right or left hand side.
  • Cam-Lok section has lockable door
  • 90″ H x 44″ W x 24″ D with Sub Panel
  • Floor Mount or Free Standing
  • Non-Fusible
  • Drip Shield is also included

Cam-Lok connectors can be mounted on either side of enclosure. Wiring from Cam-Lok connectors to Transfer Switch comes prewired by PSI. Perfect when space is a premium!!!! Eliminates wiring between Manual Transfer Switch and Generator Tap Box.

They are built to NEMA 3R enclosure ratings, with switch components labeled UL1008 through 1200 Amps and IEC Rated 1600 through 3000 Amps.

A manual transfer switch with an integrated generator tap box, useful in any number of load transfer applications. Most frequently used to easily transfer a building’s electrical supply from a standard electrical supply to a backup generator during outages and interruptions. When combined with a generator, a manual transfer switch allows quick and painless transition to backup power as needed, without the need for specific wiring and backup power for each device or system.

This manual transfer switch is shipped pre-wired by PSI Control Solutions to minimize the need for additional wiring to a generator tap box, allowing you to save time and space in any configuration. The addition on convenient Cam-Lok receptables under a locking door makes switching power source easier and safer than ever.

Customers installing PSI’s Combination Manual Transfer Switch with Cam-Lok Receptacles should familiarize themselves with all relevant specifications, standards, and diagrams before beginning. Make sure to follow the instructions for your specific unit based on amps, fusible or non-fusible, cam-lok mounting side, and 3 pole or 4 pole switch.

PSI Control Solutions a variety of electrical components, kits, and cables compatible with your Combination Manual Transfer Switch with Cam-Lok receptacles, including but not limited to:

Phase loss, phase reversal, and under voltage kit. Correct common problems encountered with manual transfer switches and backup generators with this simple kit.

Cam-Lok Power Cables. Combine a set of color-coded Cam-Lok power cables with your manual transfer switch for painless, effective load transfers when the power goes out. Available at any length with your choice of male or female connectors. Continuous color coding available at additional cost.

Cam-Lok® Power Cables
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