Starter Soft Start 242 Amp 200HP 480V NEMA 4/12 MB35

Starter Solid State Soft Start Controller with Built-In Bypass Contactors
Standard Duty 350% Current for 30 Seconds 115% Continuous Rated
Main Breaker 400 Amp Frame with 350 Amp Trip 35kAIC at 480Volts 18kAIC at 600 Volts Incoming Line Provision
Flex Shaft Flange Disconnect
NEMA 4/12 Enclosure Size: 60″x37″x12″
Mounting: Wall Mount
242 Amp Max
Incoming Line Cable Lugs (2) 2/0-250MCM per phase
Outgoing Load Cable Lugs (1) 2-600MCM per (3) Motor Leads
Control Power Transformer 500VA with Primary and Secondary Short Circuit Protection
Emergency Stop Pushbutton on Door
Reset Pushbutton on Door
Overload Fault Indication LED Pilot Light on Door
200 HP 480VAC 240 Amps
Field Wiring Line or Load Side Required per Phase
(1) 2-600MCM
Wire Bending Space Required
14″ Line and Load