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Custom Control Panels & Transfer Switches Installed Throughout Colorado

Colorado’s economy is one of the most diverse and robust in the nation. From the Front Range to the Western Slope, Colorado is home to world-class breweries, resorts, sports venues, and more. At PSI Power & Controls, we proudly support businesses throughout the state so they can achieve goals as high as the Rockies.

Our team works closely with your company to develop the customized power solutions you need to keep your business operational during blackouts, brownouts, and Colorado’s often fickle weather that can cause disruptions to any industry.

Our systems are used by a broad range of industries in Colorado, including:

  • Agriculture
  • Energy
  • Manufacturing
  • Tourism
  • Healthcare
  • Electronics manufacturing

Our Colorado Service Area

We serve clients throughout Colorado, including:

  • Denver
  • Boulder
  • Colorado Springs
  • Fort Collins/Loveland
  • Aurora
  • Pueblo

Custom Control Panel Solutions

Custom control panels give you superior control over the flow of electricity throughout your operations. When you work with our team to develop customized power solutions for your business, you’ll save money, enjoy superior protection, and cherish the long-term reliability of the systems we manufacture.

Entities throughout the U.S. rely on our custom control panel solutions, including:

  • Industrial: Manufactured to deliver exceptional performance when used to control motors, pumps, valves, VFDs, and more.
  • Water & wastewater systems: Our solutions can be installed in wells, lift stations, and reservoirs.
  • Material handling: Our clients use our systems to manage power supplied to conveyors, lifts, palletizers, and more.
  • Power metering: Our systems make it easier to track voltage, current, active/reactive power, and more.
  • Environmental monitoring: We make it possible to maintain the smooth, efficient flow of groundwater, stormwater, solid waste facilities, etc.

Transfer Switch Products

We manufacture manual and automatic transfer switches. For automatic transfer switches, this includes open-transition switches, standard closed-transition, and delayed-transition systems.

For manual transfer switches, we produce three-way manual transfer switches, manual transfer switches & generator tap boxes, and Eaton Magnum manual transfer switches.

Our solutions include:

Generator Tap Boxes

Safety and efficiency are the primary features of our generator tap boxes. Designed to provide reliable performance, we offer a broad range of solutions engineered to operate in a wide range of environments.

Our systems can be installed in retail businesses, offices, healthcare facilities, sports venues, educational institutions, manufacturing facilities, and more.

Our generator tap boxes include:

Emergency Power Solutions for Colorado Facilities

When the power grid fails, our switches, panels, breakers, meters, and other emergency power solutions will ensure your business remains fully operational. Our systems are designed to deliver superior performance at critical moments and include:

Why Choose PSI?

At PSI Power & Controls, our custom-engineered solutions are designed to deliver superior performance, protection, and longevity. Throughout the nation, a broad range of industries depend on our team to keep their systems operational, and we work closely with our clients to develop precision solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.

Our regional representatives are ready to work with you to ensure you have the power you need to drive your business forward, including our Colorado partners at Western EPG.

Contact PSI Power & Controls when you need custom solutions engineered to deliver superior performance.

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