Safety Switch / Disconnect

Price $199.00 – $9,119.00

Short Circuit Protection
Neutral Bar for Disconnect / Safety Switch

Fusible and Non-Fusible Safety Switch / Disconnect NEMA 4 and NEMA 4X

Applied as service entrance and branch circuit protection, PSI Control Solution’s Safety Switches and Safety Disconnect Switches offer safe, reliable transfer of power. Our safety switches are designed to save lives and detect the loss of current from a circuit and cut power in milliseconds.

Safety switches are used to disconnect your equipment from its electrical supply for a variety of reasons. In the manufacturing industry, this includes:

  • Repairs (your manufacturing equipment may need repairs time to time)
  • Maintenance (routine maintenance)
  • Emergency stoppage

Fusible or Non-Fusible Safety Switch?

Our customers often ask us what the difference between a fusible safety switch and a non-fusible safety switch is and which they need for their facility. For both fusible and non-fusible safety disconnect switches, when the circuit is opened the safety switch cuts the electrical load from its power source, closing the circuit in the process.

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