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Generator Tap Box Pad or Floor Mount 1600 to 4000 Amps

Price $7,650.00 – $21,690.00

Cam-Lok Receptacle Gender
Voltage Selection
Add-On Options:
Phase Reversal, Loss, and Undervoltage Protection Relay

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Outline and Electrical Drawings

Generator Quick Connect Tap Boxes offer fast connection to a mobile emergency generator. The generator tap box is permanently floor or pad mounted to the building exterior and electrically connected to a manual or automatic transfer switch.

In the event of a power outage, the generator tap box is ready to receive temporary power quickly and safely through its standard Cam-Lok male or female receptacles. Perfect for applications when emergency power is required but a permanent generator is not affordable or practical.

Available for applications from 800 to 4000 Amps, ideal for gas stations, small businesses, office buildings, hospitals, stadiums, universities, and more.

A main breaker can be installed above the Cam-Lok’s 1600 to 2500 Amps.

  • Main Breaker 800 to 2500 Amps
  • Phase Loss, Reversal and Under Voltage Kit
Cam-Lok® Power Cables
PSI Manual Transfer Switch with Rotary Switch
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