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Generator Tap Box Pad or Floor Mount 1600 to 4000 Amps

Price $7,650.00 – $21,690.00

Cam-Lok Receptacle Gender
Voltage Selection
Add-On Options:
Phase Reversal, Loss, and Undervoltage Protection Relay 1200 thru 4000 Amps


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Outline and Electrical Drawings

Generator quick connect tap boxes offer fast connection to a mobile emergency generator. The generator tap box is permanently floor or pad mounted to the building exterior and electrically connected to a manual or automatic transfer switch.

In the event of a power outage, the generator tap box is ready to receive temporary power quickly and safely through its standard Cam-Lok male or female receptacles. Perfect for applications when emergency power is required but a permanent generator is not affordable or practical.

Model available with configurations ranging from 1600 to 4000 amps, making it ideal for mid-sized and large projects such as gas stations, office buildings, stadiums, schools, and projects with similar needs.

Choose from 3 or 4-wire variants with your choice of male or female Cam-Lok receptacles.

Voltage options include typical 208-240, 480, and 575-600 volt configurations.

Enclosure options fall under NEMA 3R and NEMA 3R Stainless Steel standards.

The unit is also available with optional protection relays to prevent phase reversal, loss, and under-voltage issues. Phase Reversal Relay options include 208-480V and 575-600V.

Generator quick connect tap boxes offer quick and simple connectivity to your business’ mobile or stationary standby generator. The generator tap box is permanently floor- or pad-mounted to the building exterior and connected to an ATS (automatic transfer switch) or manual transfer switch according to your preferences and structural needs.

If a power outage or grid failure occurs, the generator tap box is ready to draw temporary power quickly and efficiently via standard cam-lok male or female receptacles. A quick connect tap box such as this one excels in applications where one may require rapid switch over to an emergency power source, but the cost of installing and maintaining a permanent backup generator isn’t a worthwhile investment.

A generator tap box minimizes the risks to personnel and property when switching over to a backup power source, which in turn allows businesses to operate with a higher degree of reliability and productivity. Any outage can be adequately responded to without worrying about the investment of time and resources into the changeover for what may be a short-lived issue.

Customers looking to install this pad or floor-mounted tap box should ensure a clean match of all components in the system, based upon the specific draw needs for equipment used on site during a power outage. Design and initial installation of any backup generator solution should be performed by an expert familiar with the wiring of your building, needs of your equipment, and any and all relevant regulations and industrial standards.

Additional features such as surge protection, control locks, and similar improvements to the handling of electricity on site may be advised.

PSI Control Solutions offers a wide selection of accessories and secondary components which can work alongside your generator tap box to produce a more effective, efficient system for your application. Recommended accessories include:

  • Main breaker. A simple, effective way to cut power before adjusting sources and output.
  • Phase loss, reversal, under volt kit. Identify and resolve common problems with systems utilizing generator tap boxes before it becomes a serious issue. Our kit will help you spot problems in no time.
  • Cables. Put together a safe, secure, easy-to-understand system with our color-coded high quality cable offerings.
  • Manual transfer switch. Maintain total control over the flow of power through your building, ensuring a clean, reliable shift between power sources.

PSI Control Solutions also offers a wide selection of secondary hardware and tools for mounting, safety, security, and other common necessities when installing this product and associated hardware. Contact us to learn more.

Combination Manual Transfer Switch with Cam-Lok® Receptacles
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