Why You Need to Label Your Electrical Control Panel

Of all routine tasks taken on in an industrial or commercial workplace, labeling electrical access and electric control panels might be one of the most often neglected. But this should absolutely not be the case, and today PSI Control Solutions is going to tell you why.

As a leader in providing superior electrical products to clients nationwide, PSI Control Solutions is dedicated to improving safety and productivity in your workplace. That’s why so much of what we have to offer is based in electrical safety and access! This topic is simple, but it’s also very important, and so let’s get into it!

Safety Is the Biggest Factor

Of course the most important thing to consider when we’re talking about electrical, safety is easily the biggest factor. The electrical control panel is kind of the heart of your business’ electricity and governs flow to literally everywhere.

That means when there is a problem with anything at all, be it heavy equipment, your HVAC system, the lights, or anything else, you need to know what breaker or fuse handles that section. You need to know exactly what breaker to trip when a problem arises to quickly address and malfunctions or safety concerns.

Also, Because OSHA Said So

If the topic of safety doesn’t way you, it might interest you to know that mishandling of electrical systems rates of one of OSHA’s most cited violations. The fines are heavy, and for good reason, so avoid the stress and cost and go ahead and hash out your labeling!

It Makes Maintenance Easier

Heavy industrial machinery, everything from line assembly to a small-scale welder, must be inspected on a routine basis. And when something gets maintenance and inspections, it has to be locked out, and the power has to be off! For many tools a simple “unplugging” just won’t do, thus shutting the section down via panel is the easiest and safest method.

But if specifics on control panels aren’t labeled you waste time and energy trying to figure things out on the spot, which can waste tons of time, which in turn wastes productivity. Even something as simple as a label can cost your business hours of work, and it also pulls vital manpower into doing something that needed to be done in the first place.

It Also Prepares You Better for Emergencies

We talk a lot about the potential of power outages and the importance of generator systems here at PSI Control Solutions, and that topic has its place here, too. In the event of an outage or incident involving electrical power, speed is vital to protecting employees and your business. This means if you utilize a manual transfer switch you need to know what systems govern it, how to use it, and you need a clear distinction of what breakers are powered by the transfer switch. When everything is clearly marked and labelled, your life gets easier (and more lucrative!).

Superior Power & Safety Products with PSI Control Solutions

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