What Do the NEMA Ratings Mean?

Whether you’ve chosen to install a control panel, manual transfer switch, or a disconnect, the odds are good that your system will be protected by a NEMA enclosure. These enclosures can and should always be used in order to protect your product against environmental hazards and potential sources for damage. However, your enclosure must be properly rated for your specific intended use, location, and purpose.

As a leader in power and safety products, PSI Control Solutions wants to ensure your products are always equipped with the appropriate NEMA enclosure to suit your needs. However, we understand the ratings can seem confusing and overwhelming to those unfamiliar, which is why today we wanted to discuss what the ratings are, what they mean, and why the rating you choose is important.

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What Is a NEMA Rating?

The rating system for NEMA enclosures are essentially a guideline. The series of lettering and number labels serve as a way to navigate through, locating the rating and NEMA type that suits your needs best, and can handle the hazards of your location the most effectively.

As an example, a NEMA 3R is designated to provide proof against rain, sleet, and snow, as well as boasting resistance to ice and frost formation. These are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and are ideal for climates that experience a mixture of weather extremes. However a NEMA 3R is not suitable for protecting against complete submersion in water. For this you would choose a NEMA 6.

The increase in number (NEMA 1, 2, and so on) often indicates an increase in effectiveness, but not necessarily always. Some numbered enclosure types protect against very specific hazards, such as corrosion.

To learn more about specific NEMA ratings, please check our detailed guide on NEMA ratings here. If you’re still uncertain of your needs, a PSI Control expert can help you!

Do I Have to Use a NEMA Enclosure?

Products you choose to have installed aren’t necessarily required to use an enclosure, nor are you required to use the “correct” enclosure for your location or situation. However, failing to use a NEMA or choosing incorrectly can lead to premature damage to your components and products.

NEMA enclosures are primarily a preventative measure, and serve to protect your significant investments. It is less of a have to and more of a you would be wise to. This is why we urge clients to work with professionals in order to determine their exact enclosure needs!

PSI Offers NEMA Options

Our products, including automatic and manual transfer switches, provide you with specific NEMA options according to your specific needs. We place great importance on both the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our clients, and so working with NEMA in mind is just one more way to show our dedication! If you would like to learn more about PSI and the products we offer, please feel free to contact our team directly.