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Manual vs. Automatic Transfer Switches

Transfer Switches

Trying to Figure Out Which Transfer Switch You Need?

Transfer switches are a crucial part of ensuring you have power on demand in the event of an outage. They supply a method of safely, effectively drawing energy from your generator at a much faster rate than manually plugging. This is critical to your business, as safety is always a priority, and a transfer switch minimizes costly downtime. But when it comes to deciding on a switch that meets your needs best, you have two major options.

Both manual transfer switches and automatic transfer switches offer unique advantages, and either one can aid you in getting the power you need. But which suits your business needs best? The decision can seem a bit daunting, but the specialists at PSI Power & Controls have made ready the information you need to make an informed one!

To know which transfer switch is best for your needs, contact PSI online or give us a call at (704) 594-4107.

Manual Transfer Switches

Eaton Magnum Manual Transfer Switch
Eaton Magnum Manual Transfer Switch


A manual switch is exactly what it sounds like: manual. Power is made available from your generator at the flip of a switch, quickly swapping designated circuits over to generator power in the event of an emergency or outage. Their benefits are characterized by:

  • Low fabrication costs
  • Quick building and installations
  • Greater levels of control over when you change over power

The lower cost inherent in installation and purchase makes a manual switch a perfect option for smaller operations or structures that use a similarly smaller-scale generator. Additionally, it is worth noting that some businesses (depending on industry, processes, etc.) might prefer the added control of choosing when to operate a generator.

Automatic Transfer Switches

Eaton Automatic Transfer Switch
Eaton Automatic Transfer Switch


Just as a manual switch’s meaning is fairly straightforward, so, too, is an automatic. An installed automatic switch will operate immediately in the event of blackouts, grid stutters, and any other interruption to your electricity. Automatic switches are very popular for:

  • Highly adaptive energy availability
  • Increased safety and process efficiency
  • For generators that are difficult to access

Though a fair bit pricier, automatic switches are invaluable to businesses and structures that cannot be left without power for extended periods of time (medical facilities, communications, etc.). It also benefits those who need to maintain a certain productivity, as automatic power in the event of an outage drastically reduces downtime.

Which Switch Is Best?

That comes down entirely to your business’s unique and specific needs. If your business is smaller, or is working on a tighter budget, manual switches are the perfect solution to provide for your need to access and operate your generator. For a larger business, or one that cannot afford interruption, we would highly recommend an automatic transfer switch.

Unless you already have a switch in mind, the best thing you can do is to contact your electrician or our specialists at PSI to confer. We carry the experience and knowledge needed to assist you in choosing the switch that suits your needs best! And our team stands at the ready to provide assistance where needed, answering any questions and giving our professional recommendation on the issue.

Top-Quality Transfer Switch Solutions with PSI

PSI Power & Controls has been offering superior service and quality for over 50 years! We carry all of the experience and knowledge to provide our consumers with optimal energy solutions and products. Ready to get the transfer switch that suits your commercial business best? Contact our professionals today!

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