Custom Control Panel Checklist

Outsourcing custom control panels can offer your business or industrial facility a far greater level of control and security, helping to streamline vital processes. But while we’d like to think they are, these panels aren’t immortal. There will come a day when the panel will have to be replaced, and then you’ll be tasked with figuring out exactly what you need.

That’s why PSI Control Solutions is here. We’ve been providing our clients with leading tools and products for years, and as a family-owned and operated business we’re quite adept at helping businesses find exactly what they need. Follow along and let’s walk through what you’ll need to have in order for your custom panel!

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Why Build Custom Control Panels?

Choosing a complete custom design and build for industrial use control panels offers you many benefits, including the ability to streamline all processes within your facility. This allows for greater overall control, faster data gathering, faster operations, and simpler system operation and maintenance.

Additionally a custom panel ensures that not only will your panel or panels be suited exactly to your unique needs and specifications, but also will be guaranteed to be comprised of superior quality parts for added longevity and service.

Your Custom Control Panel Checklist

So what do you need to know? A few simple things, but very important ones too. By knowing what your needs are and how we can help you achieve them, we can make every stage of your new control panel production simpler, faster, and more satisfactory.

Be sure you know these:

  • The application of your control panels. Sounds like a simple ask, sure, but this vital detail can often be overlooked by potential buyers. Ensure our team knows exactly what you’re looking for down to the letter.
  • If your system needs to be designed from scratch. Providing drawings or simple schematics can simplify and hasten the process. However if you need this handled, we’ve certainly got you completely covered.
  • Whether or not the panel needs to be programmed. Some businesses prefer to do all programming in-house, some prefer the fabrication specialists to do it—an important detail!
  • What kind of voltage the panel will be dealing with. To ensure component compatibility and safety we’ll need to know.
  • Any hazardous conditions/your NEMA needs. NEMA ratings vary considerably, offering different levels of protection and safety for your control panels. Ensure you know exactly what NEMA works best for your environment, or be sure to note any specific area hazards.

Custom Control Panel Services with PSI Control Solutions

PSI Control Solutions is certified in UL508A / cUL 508A and  ISO 9001 as well as certification for UL508A Hazardous Locations defined as Class 1 Div 1, ensuring you have access to specialists in fabrication and design. When you are in need of custom panels that fulfill all of your exact needs to the letter, you needn’t look any farther.

Looking for more information, or want to know more about the custom panel fabrication and design offered by PSI Control Solutions? Reach out to us today! We’re always happy to help, and our custom panel experts can offer the insight and answers you’re looking for.