How to Choose a Generator Tap Box

Keeping your business safe and productive in the face of an emergency is a very important part of contingency planning, and for this, the combination of a standby generator and a tap box setup are indispensable. With these items in place, preferably also outfitted with a transfer switch, you can anticipate keeping the power on, and your commercial business in good shape no matter what comes.

That said, choosing the right products to match your needs is just as important as choosing to procure them in the first place, and it’s this point that leaves many operators and managers scratching their heads. Do you need some assistance in selecting a proper tap box to suit your needs? If so, PSI Control Solutions is glad to get you started.

At PSI Control Solutions we offer a wide range of customizable tap box products and options. Feel free to check our product guides for more specifics!

Understanding Tap Boxes

We have covered this topic at length in the past, but in order to understand the choice, you have to make it’s also important to know the role that a tap box plays. Essentially, a tap box plays the intermediary role in a generator setup. A generator must be connected to circuits that require emergency power, and in most cases, it is inefficient (and unwise) to simply connect these things directly.

To facilitate a safer and more effective connection, the generator is connected to a tap box, and then through the tap box connections to circuits that need power are established—usually using Cam-Lok® connection cables or similar applications.

Factors That Impact Tap Box Choice

With the above information, you may already be able to infer some of the important factors, but let’s go into some detail on all of the decisions that must be made. Choosing the right tap box requires that you take into account:

  • The mounting location. Tap boxes can be mounted in a variety of places, but where you intend to mount often factors into product choice because each mounting location corresponds to a differently fabricated product (such as a wall-mounted or floor-mounted tap box). To make the decision simpler, it’s best to mount a tap box as near to your main electrical access panel as possible, though in many cases this may be difficult to do. For the best answer, it is wises to consult a professional on your ideal mounting location.
  • The necessary amperage. Each circuit, tool, or application you wish to power will increase the required amperage. This goes for your generator, your tap box, and the transfer switch installed in the tap box, and ideally these should all be equivalent or at least within the same working range of each other.
  • Your business’ limitations or requirements. And finally, you’ll want to factor in your budget. Though emergency power systems are a huge boon to your business, and though tap boxes can offer considerable benefits, it’s always wise to work within a careful budget. Evaluate what needs emergency power first, and from there add items that you would like to retain power until you’ve reached a comfortable budget range.

Generator Tap Box Products and Custom Fabrication from PSI Control Solutions

With your needs in mind, choosing the correct tap box for your needs should be fairly straightforward. If you find choosing on your own difficult, or if you need some guidance on our product offerings, never hesitate to reach out to a PSI Control Solutions team member either online or by calling (704) 594-4107!