What Is the Best Way to Use Cam-Lok® Power Cables?

When it comes to power distribution or the application and administration of electrical systems, little is more important than usability, functionality, and, above all else, safety. That applies to the equipment itself, of course, but in commercial and industrial applications, it should cover everything, all the way down to what you use to make your connections.

In order to fulfill this need, Cam-Lok® power cables have become the industry standard. But for those of you that may be newer to electrical systems and the use of alternative power sources, you might be left scratching your head over this. What makes a Cam-Lok® cable so effective? What is the best use of Cam-Lok® cables? At PSI Control Solutions, we enjoy helping our clients better understand the function and use of the products we offer, so follow along as we detail the best uses for Cam-Lok® cables.

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What Are Cam-Lok® Power Cables?

In the simplest terms, a Cam-Lok® cable is a single-pole connector cable commonly used in the applications of alternative power and circuit connection establishment. These cables are exceptionally safe, boasting resistance to fire, impact and pull-force, outdoor conditioning, and many products also feature additional protections and resistances suitable for unique applications and hazards.

The cables use a simple standardized male/female connection type on either end, with the gender connections being interchangeable between products in accordance with your needs. If, for example, you need a double receptacle setup (F/F), it is available.

What Are the Ideal Uses of Cam-Lok® Power Cables?

The most common use you will see described for Cam-Lok® power cables is in temporary or alternative power—essentially portable generators, standby generators, and in the use of tap box and or transfer switches. Cam-Lok® cables are ideal for these applications both because they make establishing these connections exceptionally easy and quick, and because with the additional features they provide, they offer advantages in safety and longevity. This means you can avoid hard-wiring, which is far less flexible and not at all cost-efficient.

Cam-Lok® power cables see use in a very wide range of industries, including:

  • Warehouses and manufacturing
  • Gas stations and fuel centers
  • Theaters and performance halls
  • Banks
  • Medical facilities
  • Educational facilities

Understanding Color-Coding

An additional feature of the cables includes a simple color-coding scheme to make connection identification and administration simpler. Available colors for Cam-Lok® cables include green, white, red, blue, and black.

What colors are used for what application is completely up to the user with the exception of green and white. As dictated by the NEC, green can only be used for the equipment grounding conductor, and white is for neutral conductors. Aside from these exceptions, colors can be used in whatever way you see fit.

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