Buyer’s Guide for Generator Tap Boxes

Having an alternative electrical system in place in the event of an outage or emergency is nearly crucial in modern business. Your success relies on the continued operation of numerous electrical tools and applications, and if you find yourself suddenly bereft of electricity, you could be facing severe productivity loss.

A generator tap box can provide the solution you need, cleanly making the connection between your generator and the circuits you deem most important to the operation of your business. At PSI Control Solutions, our tap box solutions can meet the needs of even the most discerning of consumers. But we also understand that many of you may not quite be sure of what you’re looking for.

Choosing the incorrect tap box for your needs can prove disastrous, and finding the proper solution can feel like a considerable pain. Allow our experts a moment to detail the factors that overall determine which tap box suits your needs best.

What Is a Generator Tap Box?

A tap box is electrically connected to your automatic or manual transfer switch and plays a vital role in making the connection from your business to your generator. The tap box essentially works in tandem with your switch and generator, making the connection quick and efficient. With the proper tap box installation, you can restore power to your business nearly instantaneously in the event of an outage.

Your tap box is mounted to the outside of your building in a weatherproof housing. They come with a number of customizable features (when procured from fabrication specialists like PSI Control Solutions), affording additional failsafes and quality improvements.

Considerations for Purchase & Implementation

When choosing the proper generator tap box to suit your needs, a variety of factors can contribute to which box you need:

  • The size and purpose of your structure
  • The amperage required to support the circuits you have determined as necessary in the event of an outage
  • Individual limitations (budget, electricity support, and the potential frequency of outages)

Understanding Amperage

When you look through tap boxes, you’ll notice the size is denoted by available amperage as opposed to dimensions. This is because tap boxes are constructed to support various levels of amperage in your structure.

What Is Amperage?

To simplify, you can look at amperage as a direct representation of the amount of power you need when utilizing your generator. The amount of amperage you need increases with each process you intend to operate in an outage (HVAC, lights, equipment, etc.). Keep in mind that your tap box is essentially a quick and safe trigger for your generator, meaning your generator must be sized appropriately to meet your structure’s needs (but ideally, will not exceed them).

The quickest and most effective way to find the critical figures you need to determine your generator, transfer switch, and tap box needs is to seek consultation with a certified electrician. They carry all of the knowledge needed to work alongside you and work out exact figures; this way
you can be sure your needs are met safely.

Generator Tap Boxes with PSI Control Solutions

Dependability and quality are the cornerstones of our business. PSI Control Solutions offers a wide-range of tap boxes (varying from 400 — 4000 amps) to meet your needs. And with our custom features, we can be absolutely sure in our ability to provide your business with a tap box that totally and completely meets for your needs. Contact a PSI engineer today to learn more about our tap boxes and other superior products!